Supurrrr Friends

I can has superpowerz?

Must admit this made me laugh. Cats are Supurrrr. :slight_smile:


The Legion of Doge better beware. The Supurrrr Friends are here!

“By your powers combined,” … Sorry, wrong cattoon. Meanwhile, at the Hairball of Justice…

Beware the evil Dr. Vacuum!

So… catnip = kryptonite?

We finally know who controls the red dot…

I love this and I’m sure my daughter would love it too, being a fan of superheros and cats. I’m just disappointed they put it on the ass-ugly grey shirt. Yuck.

More of a dog person, but I must admit, I cracked up at Batcat nonchalantly eating Robin.

Aquacat is the best!

Could someone explain the hamburger?

It’s a sandwich whose filling consists of warmed compressed ground meat usually beef and bread that if warmed is done so separately. It is of American origin but ultimately can be traced to sandwiches of similar type in Northern Germany and Denmark.

Oh nevermind, I misinterpreted your question. I have no idea why Green Lantern is projecting one. If I get a good explanation I will probably buy the shirt because I really like the it except for this really bothersome detail.

It’s an “I can haz cheezeburger?” Meme reference.

Surprised Aquacat isn’t having a conniption fit about the water. My cat Whammy would be having a whole herd of cows if he had a bowl of water on his head.

Who is the supurrhero in red?


I think it’s this cat:

Why is Aquaman not a catfish?