SureCall Fusion4home Yagi/whip Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

Why is this unit…$249.99 on Amazon ??!

I don’t know for sure, but maybe this is actually the on Woot has for sale.

I’m wondering if Amazon is up to some shenanigans (not exactly the bait-and-switch variety, more the oops-wrong-product/price-better-fix-it-before-anybody-sees-it). When I first Googled the brand and model# for the Amazon page, the pictures for the $249 item were identical to the Woot offering’s pictures. But now it seems to be a different model now showing on Amazon. Strange…

…and brand new…
What to do, what to do…

This is the correct one from Amazon

Unless you

  1. dont have verizon
  2. dont have home hsi internet
  3. Might be one or two others im missing

Get a 4g femtocell (microcell a.k.a. network extender) from verizon (although it only works on verizon) for 250 which does not need to boost anything since it puts out its own cell signal. Way superior except in a few (above) use cases.