Surface 2 RT 10.1" NVIDIA Tegra 4 Tablet

I’m not sure if I’d really want a laptop or tablet with Windows RT on it. Microsoft already decided that it isn’t going to be upgraded to version 10 like the other versions of Windows were.

RT is so useless vs other things of this same price with full windows on it… they need to firesale these things better, much like the old webOS devices of old.

I was looking at these and figured with Win10 they would be nice but if they aren’t upgradable… pass

(btw, I noticed it didn’t have “Free Win10 Upgrade” in the specs so I was suspicious…)

Where do you see info on the Windows 10 upgrade? Windows RT systems can’t upgrade to Windows 10.

“DIDN’T have”
Coffee time TT :slight_smile:

I just said it because it seemed like most laptops/tablets with Win7/8 have that blurb in the specs.

Yep, it’s not Intel hardware, so no Win10.

And yes, these things need to sell for at least 60-80% less then the current sale price. Windows RT is EOL already. Just security patches for a while, then you’ve got a paperweight.

If you could run Linux on these, might be ok at a firesale price…

I agree that the price needs to seriously drop.


My daughter and I have used the Surface 1 for years. It is amazing for note taking and school work (It comes with a full Office suite). Compact, easy to use, great battery life.

Here is the bonus: Since you can’t load any extra programs to it (outside of the app store) NO VIRUSES!!!

You can give it to your kids, your parents, your grandma and not have to worry about cleaning viruses off of it every other week.

If this drops to $100, I am buying two more!