Surface Pro 4 12" 256G Touch Tablet

Surface Pro 4 12" 256G Touch Tablet

I own 2 Surface Pro 4’s and love them. Super portable, excellent screen, the type cover is a great keyboard for such a mobile device.

Not sure I would want an i7 processor in one, though. My i5 already gets a bit warm at times.

Seems expensive compared to what I am seeing on Amazon

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (256 GB, 16 GB RAM, Intel Core i7e) (Renewed) = $557

That one is truly refurbished/renewed, whereas these are Brand New Open Box and come with OEM charger and Microsoft 1 year warranty. The Amazon reviews are also about a 60/40 mix on the quality of the renewed device. So, I’d much rather spend the extra for the WOOT Surface Pro 4 than take a chance on the renewed device.

true- but the biggest advantage if the I7 is it has IRIS 540 graphics vs HD 520 graphics which give it like a 50% advantage in some graphics benchmarks. When you’re pushing around a resolution of 2736 x 1824 that enhanced graphics core can really make a difference.

Does this come with the original Surface pen and the 3rd party pen, or has the OE pen been replaced with a cheaper 3rd party pen, albeit MS approved?

Never mind, the what’s in the box details only lists the 3rd party pen.

What’s interesting is that back when MS was selling the Surface Pro 4, it still included the pen at no cost. So it’s interesting that these are brand new units, opened so that they could take the MS pen out and put it a cheaper one? Is there that much money in selling MS pens that it would be worth the effort to “mine” them from new Surfaces?

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Is this with or without keyboard. That’s more important that the pen, IMHO

Yep, it’s included.


So these are over 4.5yrs old. What can we expect from the battery?