Surface Pro 5 12" Intel i5 128GB Tablet

Surface Pro 5 12" Intel i5 128GB Tablet

If I wanted to upgrade the RAM for this to make 8GB what would I buy?

The first thing to buy would be a soldering iron. In other words, you can’t. The memory is soldered on.

It’s just like any other tablet, just significantly more powerful and useful. It is a tablet though, with all the limitations that come with that.

4gb of memory and Win 10 pro? I guess that’s about all you’ll be able to run with this. Solitaire anyone?

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All this dribble about multi touch but no straight out saying ‘touch screen’, so yes or no does this laptop have touch screen. Dancing around ‘pen’ usage, does this system come with a pen?

Hi, it is touch screen. However, the pen is not included.

Does this offer include Office products?

Hi, it does not include Office products. However it is fully compatible with Office 365 if you decide to purchase a subscription separately.