Surface Pro 7 128GB i5 8GB Silver

Surface Pro 7 128GB i5 8GB Silver

Buyer beware: many reports that SP7 only gets about 5 hour battery and not the 10 hours advertised. Those same users lament upgrading from SP6 which had much better battery life.

True. The “6” has better battery. But I have this model of “7” and the battery isn’t much worse if you run performance mode over battery saver. You will gain USB-C.

The real issue is that this configuration of pro 7 is offered New for $700 nearly everywhere(got mine 2 weeks ago @BB). Its Black Friday month. Many prices are up and down daily. Even the big membership warehouse has this model for $800 with type cover and pen.

Essentially, this is a great tablet so far. Prices are ridiculous to get more ram and/or storage. Same for accessories. If you only want to spend enough to get the tablet alone. The pen is the next item to get. Mothership has plenty of great cheaper options. The tablet has a keyboard on screen, so not important to buy the type cover till a deal shows up. And buy the OEM type cover. The aftermarket models have to be charged independently.

Buy it if you can afford it. Beats laptops unless you’re a gamer and need the horsepower.

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