Surfrider Hang Ten Red - 4 Pack

Surfrider Hang Ten Red - 4 Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 Surfrider 2006 Hang Ten Red
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I… see nothing even remotely exciting in that description. This sounds like generic table wine at kind of high prices by Woot standards. Why am I wrong? I want to feel more tempted than I am.

I wonder what the drinking window is on these?

Drink now, or forever hold your peace?

This does seem expensive for something that looks and sounds like an $8.99 purchase at Henry’s or Trader Joe’s. Anyone heard of this label or tasted it?

I actually have tasted this, but I was once told that if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything at all.

Not a fan of screw top bottled wine. Pass…

Yeah, progress is scary stuff…

I’m with you on that, actually. I know logically there is no reason that a screw top wine should taste any worse than a corked wine, and even that, technically speaking, it should keep/age better. Yet I’ve never had a screw top wine I’ve gotten excited about. I’m sure it’s just a mental thing, but hey, placebos help your immune system, so corks make wine better (for me).

I’m fine with your logic because I’m pretty sure hatred of screw caps help keep prices down on New Zealand wines that I get plenty excited about.

i like the way you think

Surfrider 2006 “Hang Ten Red”, California $25.
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Deep garnet color. Bright aromas of dried cherries and spice follow through on a round, satiny entry to a fruity medium- body with nice depth and tangy pepper, cocoa, and earth notes on the soft tannin finish. Tasty.

RATING: 88 points (Highly Recommended)
CATEGORY: Other US Red, Red
TASTING LOCATION: In Our Chicago Tasting Room
TASTING DATE: Feb-10-2010
WINE ID: 190936
We have noted the following producer or marketer for this wine:

Rosenthal- The Malibu Estate
27711 Via Manolete
Mission Viejo CA 92691
(310) 463-9532
(310) 899-8912

I love screw top bottles. We love to take little weekend car trips and screw tops make it easy to grab a bottle and not have to worry about corkscrews getting packed or forgotten. Screw tops make traveling with wine a breeze. Not sure about this particular wine yet… want to see some reviews, feedback, etc. but I love all screw top bottles!

Cork tops are awesome because it’s expensive, bad for the environment (usually), inconvenient, and keeps my wine less fresh.

I used awesome correctly, right?

No Virginia – unusual – but it makes the deafening sound of the crickets less annoying

As I’ve said in the past … this is the type of offering that benefits best from 1) lab rats and/or 2) robust winery participation.

But yeah, no VA makes the decision to pass much easier

Never had the wine, but I will say that Surfrider is an excellent foundation worth every bit of the donation.

Another remarkably short list of states on this one!

Rarely have I seen the word used so effectively.