Surge Protectors, Not Surge Soda




really like the 12 foot corded surge protector. … bought 3 last time getting 3 more. they were two dollars cheaper last time though so i don’t know why the price is higher now.


HOW DARE YOU!, Woot! Surge was the greatest soda… OF ALL TIME!


There’s a little glass or ceramic (depending on the Protectors sensitivity) fuse that the current is run through into the outlets. Its designed to crack when more than a specific amount of voltage and amperage is being run through it.
That’s my understanding of it without looking it up.


Surge protector != UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Surge protectors just prevent surges from frying your electronics. UPSs have batteries so they can continue providing power to your devices during an outage (until the battery dies). Many UPSs are also surge protectors, but the reverse is not necessarily true. None of these appear to be UPSs.


Can you bend these, snake-like, so that brick plugs can fit? Wonder why there is no picture of that…

edit – now I see it is adjustable out and in, not side to side. Interesting. Wonder how well it fits bricks. Maybe they should alternately face opposite directions.


Surge was my jam. I even had a Surge clock that would yell SURRRRRGE as it’s alarm, it ruled.





A fully loaded citrus soda… with Carbos!


The outlets on the adjustable ones are angled which, to me, means you should be able to fit most bricks.


I know! I loved Surge!


My takeaway here is that it is important to protect the joules…


Surge Soda was the best. I will never love another soda again as long as I live. Someone, please bring it back.


It says UL listed but doesn’t mention the rating like 1449. If the UL listing is genuine I probably would buy the portable surge protector. Does any one know anything about it.


So if I’m in an airport with my cell phone and this no-plug USB charger, and if I don’t have something else to plug in through the cutout, I’m out of luck? Holding the flat plate against the wall outlet isn’t going to do a whole lot of good without something to make the electrical connection.

I also love the specs on the 3- and 6-foot basic models’ response time with “<1 nonosecond” though last time a surge fried something of mine I think it was simply one long “NO!!” rather than “nono” … oh well.


That’s only important if they are the family joules…


I bought the adjustable 2160 during a woot off a while back. Loved the adjustable sockets! Unfortunately, it bit the dust during a nasty storm last summer. But, it did the job - electronics were undamaged.


but is it as energizing as Norway’s Urge?


Hello all. I am an employee of IDEATIVE, who makes the Socket Sense and other power products currently listed. I will do my best to help answer some of the questions you may have.

Several of you were wondering how sure protectors work. There is an excellent 3rd party article on that here:

All of our surge products have MOVs sealed in a ceramic case to provide extra protection. Once the MOVs are exhausted (burned through from surges and spikes) there is an internal fuse that will shut down the sure protector so that it will no longer function. This feature provides extra protection to your equipment.

Hope this helps.