Surge Protectors

Keep in mind, with the EcoFicient and SMART Surge they have to have so much electricity running through the outlet, to even power on the managed outlets. My laptop wasn’t enough to turn on, but my heater fan sure did the trick. I’m not sure how much it takes for it to be useful, but beware.

It’s a great idea, if your main source uses enough power.

It looks like the ARO6 and ARO8 surge protectors can push 2.1 Amps, and are optimized for your iPads. Looks like the Philips SPP1028A can push 750mA per hole.

It makes no sense to me why they can’t provide this information up-front.

So which ones are better? The Acoustic Research or the SMART one? The AR clearly is the bigger discount and it would be logical to assume that they’re higher retail price would mean they are a higher quality unit but the fact that they’re discounted far more heavily would suggest that they may have problems. Not much in the way of reviews out there on either of these things.

Better: more joules, lower clamping voltage, higher noise suppression

Looks good, nice deal, but I’ll stick with my might Tripp-Lite brand protector. Now if I didn’t already have one… nope, no dice! Not enough outlets, mine has 12.

Bought the PP1009W Plug-Less USB Charger offline (brick&mortar) & it lasted 4 months, before ***shorting out (in sparks! On a carpet! Everything ok, thank God!).


P.S.: Only that was EVER plugged into it was a Kindle Touch, so hardly a over-voltage situation!

I bought the EcoFicient last time it was offered. Very happy with it. When I shutdown my PC from within Windows it automatically turns off the two managed outlets (monitor and speakers for me). I’d buy it again.



(So… how do you plug it in? Or otherwise use it?)