Am I a maniac or is the Philips one identical to the FlipIt one, less branding…?

I like how they both have the same retail price, $19.99, but the Flipit is marked down to $12, while the Philips is $8.

So, in a world where surge protectors are no longer the saviours of my HDTV clarity and on big sale, Flipit is still worth 50% more than Philips?

Note that Philips is a real company that manufactures things, likely including these items. Flipit is probably a couple of guys who rebrand and market stuff.

No Kool-Aid for me today.

Amazon has a 4 outlet smarter surge, with 2610 Joules protection for 17.99.

The Mediabridge IntelliSurge -8 Outlet has 3600 Joules protection for 26.99

I am shocked, My Friend.

Anyone know what the joule capacity is on this? Can’t find it anywhere.

The two aren’t identically speced.

Which item? This is the community for all Surge! plus

I was really hoping for a sale on Surge soda. So disappointed.

Me too. Why did Woot have to bring up my favorite soda that is no longer made. If I could have a can of surge and a can of Pepsi Blue, I would be a happy camper.

1.21 gigawatts.

I wonder how many other people besides clicked Surge! knowing it couldn’t be the soda, but still hoped it would be…

Obligatory plug but the group surge movement is trying to bring surge back. :smiley:

Got the black ones last time around. Good deal for power strips with plenty of outlets, some designed for wall warts, and don’t call attention to themselves by being BRIGHT WHITE.

awful prices…and anyone not buying a Smart surge protector is not doing the right thing for their electronics but all of these are overpriced.

*Charging port A is for charging iPod, iPhone, and iPad

*Charging port B is for charging smartphones, tablets, or other USB devices

HAH!!! Good stuff here for a late night laugh lately…

Agree with you, how exactly is an Iphone not a smartphone and an Ipad is not a tablet?