Surprise! It's an nblottie Shirt Storm!

The hell?

Poor shirt.woot. How lonely you have become with no one voting in derbies, and now this…is it all because of the Anvil shirts?

Largely. I mean, I don’t care, but everyone who was ‘active’ seemed to bail on them when the community tone shifted. Who knows.

And clearly it’s not the artist, I think the other shirts here are pretty decent. But that bird one is just awful and uncreative and boring.

Boba Fetch was one of the biggest surprises & most commented upon I’ve ever received from random purchases.

Gotta love an artist with so many different styles. Unlike some one trick pony artists.

I would love to have Boba Fetch, except Anvil.

It’s not just the blanks but a multitude of changes that’s lead to what shirt.woot is like nowadays … but this shirt discussion thread really isn’t the place to elaborate on that; there are other more appropriate threads instead.

Love potion is my favorite of the group.

It is several factors, all of them missteps that probably were hoped to be helpful at the time. But the loss of AA and the bad new blanks were a bit hard to bear for the core.

That said, to get on track here, I was interested in seeing the final first day sales of flappy big bird. Not exaggerating when I say I expect it to do nearly as bad as Skatetown.

At least one factor wasn’t Woot’s own doing, though the other changes was a catalyst for it.

Skatetown is hardly the low bar anymore, as there have been designs since that didn’t even sell enough to cover the artist’s base compensation.

I know there have been worse shirts since, but I guess I always hold it as the low bar shirt in my mind because it was one of the first shirts to leave the community wondering why the design was bought in the first place and then have phenomenally bad sales that reflected the wooters’ opinion of the shirt.

I remember there was cutesy shirt a while back that had an anthropomorphic house in winter wearing a scarf. (Can’t recall the name of it off the top of my head. It was met with tepid response in the comments section, but not hated like Skatetown. In the end the final numbers showed that in first day sales it had beaten Skatetown for bad sales.

I remember being surprised. The house shirt was not my cup of tea to be sure, but it at least had some cutesy charm that I could see a little kid wearing.

However, Big Flappy Bird, like Skatetown, lacks charm, good color scheme, inventiveness, and had a whole host of other problems that we (the woot community) could spot right off the bat. I’m not trying to be mean here, just saying it was fraught with multiple missteps that we all felt were obvious with just a casual glance–much like Skatetown.

It (Skatetown) was orange, had cartoony drawings that looked amateurish but lacked charm to soften the crude look. Speaking of crude look, there was the issue of the one character looking vaguely like it was flipping the bird. But I digress. Point being that it set a bar (least-ways in my mind) for things that make me scratch my head and wonder what they were thinking when they bought the design.