Surrender To Waring Pro Party Products!

Anyone tried the martini shaker? :slight_smile:

How lazy do you have to be to have a martini shaker?


Strikes me as a very James Bond sort of device, really!

Seriously, is there anything easier than making a martini? Ice, Gin, splash of vermouth, shake or swirl, pour, garnish. Using a machine to do the 20 seconds or so of shaking or stirring is grossly lazy.

But. It. Looks. Cool!

The irony is that by going with a vodka martini, he is saying ‘those herbal notes in gin are too much for me, let’s go with something bland’, and since shaking actually dilutes the drink, as more ice melts into it, Bond is actually ordering a bland, weak, North American version of a classic drink, and being a bit of an ass about it.

Just make martinis by the gallon and use a paint shaker.

I have the popcorn maker, It’s a little difficult to clean but other than that it makes great popcorn every time. It was actually the first woot I ever purchased.

Waring Pro product is gorgeous. But I need none of the above. Woot gods please send an ice crusher, crepe maker, or deep fryer next.

I have - it works great on kittens!

Fred Waring was a lounge singer that made it good.

(Yes, Fred founded this company, after finding a good blender.)


What kind of pathetic lump doesn’t shake his own drinks? It takes 5 seconds.

Thank you for sharing! looking for some more feedback on the popper.

I’m wondering how this one measures up to some of the other poppers that tend to show up seasonally around Christmas in the range of $50-100 ? Like on Buy, Groupon and other discounters?

thank you!

Vesper martini. It rocks.

Perhaps the deal on the wine chiller isn’t good enough for you…