Survey: Alternate name for Grandmother

As some of you know Mrs. Ice and I are going to be grandparents.Our problem isn’t what the grandchild will call me but what Mrs. Ice will be called, so she asked me to survey the Woot community.
If you are a grandmother what do your grandchildren call you?
If not what did you call your grandmother?
Thanks and I’ll let you know what she decides.

I called my grandparents “Gram” and “Gramps.” That’s what I wanted to be called, but it just didn’t work. Ended up with Grandma and Grandpa.

One of the d-i-l’s started with the maw-maw and I absolutely put my foot down, no, no, no. I don’t think it’s cute when they’re 10.

My mom gets the standard ethnic moniker, but my wife’s mom get’s “Nana” and it suits.
I simply cannot stand “meemaw” or any derivatives thereof (e.g. what poof said).
and congrats!


I agree


my grandmother was ‘Mamie’. Guess they were trying to get my sister to say 'Grammy" and that’s what she came up with.

I had a Grammy (and Grampy), a Nana (and Grampa), and a Great Gram.

Grandma and Grandpa.

Kids call their grandmother Nonny. No clue why.

I had a Grandma, a Granny and a Grandpa.

Niece and nephew call mom & dad Moma & Poppy. (long o - prounounced Momaw I guess)

I call my grandparents grandma and grandpa. although when i actaully say it, it kinda sounds like gramma and grampa I take the ‘d’ out.

I suggest “Grandmother” or possibly “gran-mamma” for that European flair.

make it formal or go home.

I only have one surviving maternal grandparent and she is Mamaw Mildred, although I don’t know why I began using her name. My paternal grandmother was my Grandma. The variations throughout my large family are Nana- pronounced Naa naa or Nan uh, Nene- pronounced Nee Nee, Meemee, Mamaw B, and the most recent has been Yaayaa. Regardless of the name, it always means love. Congrats!!

I called my maternal grandparents Nana and Papa, whereas my paternal grandparents were simply Grandma and Grandpa.

My 3 year old pretty much made up his own names for his grandparents. He calls his maternal grandparents Mumu (short vowel sound) and Papa. There is a distinct difference between “Mama”, which is his mom, and “Mumu” which is moms mom. He calls his great grandpa 2papa and my dad gets the title More Papa. My mom is called GiGi, based on what my neices (sisters kids) who came before my son chose for her.

I became “Nana” 15 months ago. It has changed my entire life :slight_smile: Congratulations on becoming grandparents. 15 months ago became one of the best and happiest days of my life. There is just no love in the world like the love for a grand baby. LOL to be honest she can call me anything she wants to… just as long as she calls me! God bless.

Their all Grandma’s here. We use the first name for the kids to distinguish which grandma we are talking about.

My aunt goes by Nana to her grandkids.

My dad’s grandma was Mamo (Mam-oh). I never met Mamo, she died well before I came along, but I’ve heard tons of stories about her. Mamo Campbell.

mama mia!

Grandma & Grandpa.

SIL’s family is Grandmommy and Grandpoppy.

My boyfriend’s kids call his mother “Gee” (with a hard G, as in “go”). Apparently his son coined the name when he was very young. BF got married and had kids young*, so his parents might have been happier with the less traditional grandparent names. His dad is “Pop”.

*Just to make it clear that I’m not a homewrecker, he also got divorced young.

Thanks :slight_smile: