SURVEY: Chocolate chip cookies with or without nuts?





I do add cinnamon…and I’m thinking of adding some black pepper or chili…

I like without just fine, but adding some pecans is amazing imo. Most of the time, I don’t get them that way though.


I like them either way, but usually prefer without if I have a choice.


More importantly is no raisins in anything ever…

with but I make them either way depending on the contents of the larder.



I actually like raisins, but can’t eat them. I use dried cherries in some recipes that call for raisins. Different flavor, but it adds some chewy goodness to oatmeal cookies. And Dark Chocolate Cherry Hermits have gotten rave reviews.

What’s not to like about raisins? They’re good. Sweet, chewy.

The only cookie I eat raisins in is Oatmeal ones. Just don’t care for them by themselves though.

My excuse is that raisins contain sulfites, and I’m allergic. :slight_smile: Same reason I don’t drink wine, eat most dried fruits (sulfur dioxide is a preservative), anything with molasses that isn’t specified as sulfur free, and basalmic vinegar.

Tasty goodness isn’t worth not being able to breathe. :wink:

I just hate them so much… they are like liver to me.

generally without, but some of the wife’s relatives do make a very good cookie with.

I like raisins, but not in food!


with nuts is like asking do I like to eat dirt?