SURVEY: Did you or do you cut the crusts off bread for your kids and did your parents for you?

My parents did not, I did not, and I refuse to for the grandkids. Mean grandma.

How bored are you?

Yes. My parents sometimes did. I did for my kids.

The whole idea is completely foreign to me. Parents never did it, I never did it, can’t imagine doing such a thing for my kids- why ould you do this? why would anyone want this?

umm no, and heck no! You all know I’m a mean mom though.

Because white bread crust is evil.

Lots and lots of people do. I was just wondering if I was the only one that thinks it’s ridiculous. Evidently not.

Parents never did, I never have…but I was also forced to sit at the table with a plate of stew that I refused to eat until bedtime, and then went to bed without dinner.


But how is your hair going to get curly if you don’t eat the crusts?

You mean the crust actually came from bread? Those bastards!!!

I don’t think my parents did but I ate around them.

I did for my son when he was very young but later, he didn’t care.


Definitely NO(it would have been wasteful, a capital offence in a Scottish household) and no

No. It’s a waste of bread (and the best part.)

That’s where all the nutrients are. I <3 my crusts. As a kid, I wouldn’t eat sandwiches if they were made without crusts.
The trick to getting other kids to like it is to make sure your sandwich making skills are up to snuff. The middle can be as yummy as you like but if the edges are just bread, it’s not a sandwich anymore.

Still haven’t figured out how to make wheat bread appealing to other people’s kids though. :[

Mannerly behavior that was drilled in to me mandated that while a guest, unless the host was trying to feed me something that would make me sick, I shut up, politely ate it, and said thank you.

Whinging about crusts, or wheat bread wouldn’t have been acceptable.

(and no, the crust of the bread, unless it has seeds of some sort, isn’t any more or less nutritious than the rest of the bread. Sorry. Don’t know if you were serious there or just said it in jest, so sorry if the latter.)

Good thing you aren’t my kid, you might’ve seen that stew again for breakfast. Admittedly I’ve only done that once or twice. And I believe it was cucumbers. Which we do either with skin on or half skin half not to make them look pretty.

Leftovers for dinner the next night.

I didn’t eat it then, either. Just not a fan of stew!

Not going to kill you to miss a meal.

The only time we have ever made a separate dinner for the kids was one time Orc made Indian curry and he got it too spicy. He’s much more careful with the spice now (or at least with how he uses peppers).

My kids get complemented by strangers about how well they eat (even at places like McDonalds), they thrive on knowing that they are not only enjoying more because they learned to try new foods, but that others think that it’s impressive.

I know a couple people that are practically short-order cooks, they either don’t fix anything a kid might not like, or they fix something separate for that kid. And a couple of those kids grew up with the narrowest taste I’ve ever seen. Absolutely won’t try anything new, they decide ahead of time (just like little kids) they’re not going to like it.

There is no way on earth we would do such a thing around our house. Everyone eats the SAME thing!

McDonald’s every night. Hey, I don’t want to rock the boat!