SURVEY: Do you eat Peeps?

I don’t, but husband does. And he swears the only good ones are yellow and pink, the new colors don’t taste as good.

Also, it seems it’s impossible to get them stale anymore. I found a pack one year from the year before. No difference.


Leave the package open. They get stale.

I eat them if there are any left over from having fun exploding them in the microwave. :slight_smile:

No, they don’t, not like they used to.

Who gets to clean the microwave?

only other peeps’ peeps.

Peep Factory is here in PA. One year, we’ll go there for New Years and see the Peep drop.

In terms of consumption…no. Not a fan.

I find people are very tasty, but then again, I am a zombie, so…

<-- Is a stale peep.


No you aren’t.

The government is dysfunctional. Doesn’t matter who is in charge.


I’m old and dry, cracked and crusty; of course I’m stale!! :tongue:

In general no, I don’t remember the last time I ate one. I know I have, I’m sure I ate them as a kid. I don’t think my kids have ever had one either, I don’t buy them, we don’t eat junk. Half of their Easter bunnies from last year are still in the fridge and they were the small hollow ones. The kids don’t care, I’ll throw them out sometime this week probably, cause I just noticed them the other day.

Nope, no peeps here.

Peeps are OK, but I like Cadbury eggs a lot better!

Cadbury eggs used to be my weekness then it became impossible to find them with creamy middles so it became easier to give them up!

I buy them for my kids, but I don’t eat them anymore. They only like the yellow ones. They are convinced the others don’t taste the same.

I used to love peeps …but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more replused, lol

The chocolate covered ones aren’t so bad but the darn things are just too sweet!

If someone gave me one, I’d eat it. I don’t hate 'em. but I don’t buy them either.

My mom has always liked them and still buys them.

My stepmother sends me a case of Cadbury creme eggs every year (Easter + birthday).

As for peeps…I prefer bunnies, but I have been influenced by something sinister, evil and awesome.