SURVEY: Do you have/use a coffee table in your home?

Haven’t had one for at least 15 years. Side note: my knees stopped aching when I got rid of it because I’d watch TV with my feet propped on it.

Edit: The people I know who have one, it’s generally in a formal living room that’s rarely used.

Yes. Need it to put feet and drinks on. Although we rarely us that room at this house.

I will have one in my apartment once I move. Currently just got one in the house I’m in now for the upstairs part. Don’t have one downstairs though where most of the t.v. watching occurs.

Yep. It has baskets in it to store my stuff too.

But… I’m thinking of getting new living room furniture. Not sure what I will use then- if I will get a new one or not.

Nope, no coffee table. Never had one growing up, either, though I did sort of have one for a while…had a room mate that had a GIANT metal cog he’d gotten somewhere. It was 5 foot in diameter, 3/4 thick, spikey. He set it on concrete blocks as a coffee table, and one ‘whack’ on it was enough to teach caution.

Not enough open space for one.
Do have a storage hassock.

We actually bought one when we were engaged. It has a piece of slate with a sailboat etched in it. Never really found a space for it. But we have it in the corner of the bedroom. We have hope. It has only been 33 years.
It would fit in the little office/den, but that would be all the open space.
Maybe son will take it when he moves.
Daughter has managed to rent furnished places.
Son will be the first to have to furnish an apt.

I have a coffee table in both rooms.

Yes. I use it for punishing my shins in the dark after a few drinks.

I leave better bruises.

We keep one of them oversized ottoman dealies with a big ol’ tray. Little more versatile than a traditional coffee table, I think.

nothing beats a toddler for punishing shins.

…wait, i take that back. i beat toddlers for punishing my shins.

We have a “cocktail chest” which is a large chest like table with drawers rather than a hinged lid.

We did, but since we are expecting we preemptively replaced the hard corners with a huge ottoman and wooden trays so as to have fewer places for the baby to bump his head.

We have one, and occasionally put coffee cups on it, but mostly it gets a laptop on it. Also have a smaller coffee stand that will hold one cup of coffeee and that’s about it.

Unfortunately, after that “couple of drinks”, I would have just blamed it on the coffee table again.

And the truth has set you free, Number One.

Hahahahahaha! I feel your pain. My shins feel your pain.

We used to. I didn’t have one growing up though. Right now it’s holding our TV and entertainment stuff. We first moved it when Ver1 started pulling up on stuff. They do take too much space for this small of a place.

The coffee table was blamed for a lot of things.
One time after that “couple of drinks” my dad threw it in the fireplace. I locked myself in my room. My mom came home from card playing and I have no idea how he bought himself out of that one. Just another childhood story.

Awesome story raining…at least now. Sounds a lot like my dad’s reaction to inanimate objects out to get him.

l o l