SURVEY: Do you like Jello?

I like cherry with fruit cocktail
I like lime with pears.
I’d like to find something to put in orange.
In pretty dessert glasses.

i like jello.

sometimes i make orange jello with fruit cocktail, sometimes with canned mandarin orange segments.

Orange jello with orange segments? A little redundant, don’t you think?

sometimes peach jello with canned peach segments.

I like Jello.
It makes me a jollier fellow.
I like Jello.
Cuz when I have some, my belly sez yum . . .
. . . As long as it ain’t green or yellow.

I like jello
I like jello with fruit
I like jello with yogurt
I like jello with whip cream (fake or real)
I do not like jello with veggies or meat

I like Jello
It makes me mello
When full of stuff that would turn paint yellow
Barely taste it
don’t even chase it
In little time I am flat out wasted.

or something.

Jello has it’s place.

SO brought back a jello cookbook.

It includes savories.

Some of the old Jello cookbooks had recipes (and pictures) that would make you shudder.

I recall seeing boxes of Jello from the 40’s (?) with flavors like tomato and carrot.

I have a jello recipe that uses fruit cocktail, heavy cream, and lemon jello. It is the only form of Jello I like, and obviously full of fat and calories. Dellicious though.

depends what’s in (and on) it.

Personally, I think I just prefer it plain (but thick) jiggler style. mom would almost always make it with various fruits or berries in it – not so bad. sometimes orange with shredded carrots – not so good.

Visited a friend’s house where her mom made orange with carrots and a layer of mayonnaise on top - freakin’ disgusting!

This made me curious, so I googled it and found this:

In the 1960s the makers of Jello introduced “JELL-O® Gelatin for Salads”.

There were 4 flavors: Celery, Italian Salad, Mixed Vegetable and Seasoned Tomato.

Not surprisingly - the bizarre flavors didn’t last long.

Back in the '50s, '60s you used to see a lot of the Jello with carrots and mayonnaise. I seem to remember lime Jello with carrots.

The book SO brought back wasn’t specific to jello brand. Just gelatin…so, Green Pea Salad, with gelatin, peas, vinegar, mint, carrots, and red peppers. Moulded and stuff.

While Jell-O may be gelatin, gelatin is NOT Jell-O.

Sometimes I like it with a fox
Sometimes I like it in a box
Sometimes I eat it in a boat
Sometimes I eat it with a goat
But I like my Jell-o most of all
In shots made with grain alcohol

my mom used to make one called ‘golden glow’ - orange jello w/ crushed pineapple and shredded carrots in it.

Who are you, stranger?

My first thought was wait, you can’t put pineapple in Jello, but I checked and it’s fresh and fresh-frozen. I assume canned is okay.