SURVEY: Do you slice strawberries for shortcake or smoosh them? Whipped cream or not?

I smoosh 'em. Husband likes (insists on) whipped cream, I don’t.

And after making shortcake from Bisquick for 40 years, we both decided we like the little foam thingies from the store better.

I halve them, them slightly smoosh 'em. Sugar brings out the juice and makes 'em smooshier.

ex-husbands family always used biscuits, poured a lil’ milk over 'em, then whipped cream. I kinda prefer angel food cake or a simple yellow pound cake-type thingie.

Sweet cream biscuits, sliced. And whipped cream. Whenever there’s a question of adding whipped cream, the answer is always yes.*

*if it’s real whipped cream, not the stuff from a can or cool-whip.

Little cup like cakes they sell next to the strawberries. Cut berries. Usually can whip cream.

I feel compelled to apologize for the fact that I’m a whipped cream snob.

I’m sorry.

The canned stuff is fine. I just really like making whipped cream…it’s like making meringue (which I don’t like at all)…fun to watch a liquid form soft peaks!

It scares me. Cold bowl, cold beaters, don’t beat too little, it melts; don’t beat too much, you have butter.

Sliced and Hell yes!

semi-smooshed on biscuits or cake or the spongie, twinkie-like things ot pound cake or marble cake or icecream cake. Always with whipped cream - fresh-whipped or from a can or cool whip.

Combo of sliced strawberries and squished ones in the middle of the layers and whole strawberries on top. Have to have lots of whipped cream on it. Although I will eat it any way someone wants to make it unless it’s made with chocolate cake.

Didn’t we have a survey before as to what kind of cake/biscuit we prefer with strawberry shortcake?

That was a million strawberries ago!!

Might have, but that brain cell died.


Definitely my favorite fruit. Pineapple comes in a close second.

That thread was over a year ago…no wonder you don’t remember.

Damn, read that and found out I should have bought pound cake. More than one brain cell dead.

Sliced is preferred, natural juices, no heavy syrup/sweet jell. I love real whip cream, but since Ver1 is allergic to milk protein and Ver2 is intolerant . . . . I don’t get it very often.

I’ve only turned whipping cream to butter once, and I was doing a dozen other things at the time.

How do I have them? Sliced with a bit of sugar as needed or if needed & cool whip.

How do I like them? Sliced with lots of sugar to make lots of syrup and heavy whipped cream.

Sliced with sugar and cool whip on biscuits. I like them on pound cake. I like them plain. I love to whir them in my ninja with sugar, ice, 7up and a squeeze of lime (rum is optional). Daughter likes them in the ninja with ice and milk, a little sugar.

btw, if I should start to do this survey again next year, somebody just slap me.

A better idea is that next June I start a new thread called…

Do you like your strawberry shortcake made with pound cake like Poof does?


That’ll work.