SURVEY: Do you use pillow shams on beds you use daily?

No, not a chance. Too much trouble.

I do, but I visited a friend a few years ago who placed the pillows with their cases on on the bed and put the shams on top. You really could not tell. If there is a lazy way out of anything, I want to know about it!

Nope. Don’t even make the bed every day. //gasp! I know, but it’s not a water bed, so there is no heat escaping, no one goes in the room, but me and my husband, and the kids occasionally, and I hate having the blankets tucked in at the end of the bed, it annoys my long feet to have them pulled down on. So I have to completely unmake the bed every night and then make it again in the morning? Nah, I’ll sleep that extra time thanks.

No shams, although I have a couple that came with a comforter somewhere…

No, I don’t make my bed either, waste of time.

Agree. And no blankets tucked in anywhere!

This is just a weird question.

It’s because I’m looking for a new bedspread/comforter/quilt/whatever. And so many come with pillow shams. And many also with extra decorative pillows. Where do put them when you go to bed? I guess you take them off at night and put them on a chair or something, then put them back on in the morning even though absolutely no one is going to see them.

What about this is new to you?

I don’t think I know anybody that actually uses pillow shams, but yet so many bed coverings come with them, I was curious as to how many people do.

That is where the term “sham” came from. Just something they put in to raise the price. :tongue:

Do you use the bed skirts?

I think you’re thinking of the word “scam” in this context!

I have the shams on the bed in the guest room. When I lived by myself, that bed was the one I used, and yes, I did have the pillows on shams, and used them. It wasn’t a big deal to push them to the side when I got into bed.

I’m a fan of making the bed–but I don’t ever tuck sheets in, so it might not really count.

Yes, they go on once, don’t come off unless I redecorate. Hides the dust bunnies.