SURVEY: Does anyone reverse a ceiling fan in the winter?

I never have.

I haven’t bothered to ever since I saw a Mythbusters episode that demonstrated a negligible effect on room temperature.

we did once or twice (the fan is immediately in front of the fireplace), but the fan is pretty much worthless in either direction.

haha… I do. they really work!

I don’t reverse it but I keep the ceiling fan running in my bedroom almost all the time. I need air circulating.

No! If you’ll do that, you’ll travel back in time!

Really?!?! //debating// younger, thinner

My mom always does, and it makes a big difference in her house–but she has the radiant heating that’s in the ceiling.

In the ceiling?
Shouldn’t it be in the floor?

Poof, you better watch out. You don’t know how back in time you would go.
Most likely when you were at your heaviest.
I know I was 10 lbs heavier right before my gallbladder was out. Ten lbs heavier than I was then, which was my biggest normal weight.

You know that is where time would stop!

The floor would make more sense, but it was actually in the ceiling. That’s how it was when she bought the house.

I don’t know why.

Houses with concrete floors have vents in the ceiling. There’s no other way to run the ductwork. I just bought a house with these, and I love it. I leave the ceiling fan on to counteract the 75 degree heat that the crazy people in the house require in the winter.

Yes - in the summer you’ll feel cooler with air blowing down on you. In the winter, you don’t want that, so reverse them and let cooler air be pulled upwards, also pushing the hot air that rises back down to you. I heat with a soapstone woodstove, and have a cathedral ceiling with FOUR ceiling fans spaced evenly around the large great room, and never need to use other heat sources. It’s not so much of a temperature thing, but especially in the summer affects how you feel in the room. Also, with the woodstove, after being away and restarting a fire in the cold room, there’s a big increase in temp after you let some heat rise, then turn the fans on.

Radiant heat != forced air. No vents. Read more, if you’re interested.

What?? There’s no forced air with a radiant heat system! It’s electricity or liquid snaking through a series of embedded tubes usually (but not always) installed in or under a floor.

Speed switch pull chain broke on mine, with it stuck on maximum fan speed. So rather than let it blow everything in my office all over the room, I just reversed the fan all year long so it is not so bad. Doh!

I know nothing about radiant heat…we have a geothermal heat pump, and an earth berm home, so I’m curious to see our first electric bill. We were paying several hundred dollars a month in the winter for electricity and gas to heat our house.

Sorry. I’m a computer geek… “!=” means “not equal to”.

I confess to doing a Google search before replying to see if maybe those 2 symbols together meant something but didn’t find anything, so “Thank You”… as I am most obviously NOT a computer geek!

Maybe it’s in the ceiling to heat the floor of the bathroom above?

Anyhoo… back to the question – we usually don’t reverse our ceiling fans, but that’s primarily due to laziness and a reluctance to toss all the summer’s dust collection back into the air.

We reverse ours. If the mythbusters thing is true, then, even better because I’m always too warm.