SURVEY: Incandescent bulbs - are you stockpiling?

I am certain ones. I like the Reveal 60 ceiling fan bulbs for the dining room - that’s where we eat, read the paper, play cards, etc. And those bulbs point down.

Also for the yard light and porch light. From what I’ve read, it can take the CFLs a long time to turn on when it’s cold.

For table lamps, I think the CFLs will be okay. Haven’t figured out the flood lights in the kitchen.

It really annoys me that we’re being forced into this. I think the “green” savings will be offset by I’m betting a lot of people are just going to throw them away, not take them for recycling.

And God forbid you break one in your home. You practically have to call in a HAZMAT team.

Once they warm up, they are ok. For things you turn on for a few minutes, and then turn off, they are a pia.
We have 4 bulbs in the bedroom ceiling fan. Right now there are 2 of each.

Yeah, I might stockpile.
The technology should have been better before these bulbs were released.
W T H we have regular, old school, fluorescent bulbs in half the basement and the kitchen.

… chronic fatigue syndrome?

My bad, CFL

Generally, yes. Especially decorative style bulbs for bathrooms, hanging lamps, unshaded ceiling fixtures, exterior sconces, and the post lamp.

I thought I read somewhere that the decorative bulbs were going to be exempt.

I forgot about the bathroom. Hmmmm. We have the white globes in there.

If that’s true, it just means fewer to stockpile.

But I may sock a few 60 watts away for bed lamps - easier to read by.

are you ever even awake past sundown?

Yeah, I probably need to. CFL’s give me migraines. My mom is using them and I thought I was going to die last time we visited her. I also have a decorative lamp that’s a PIA to find bulbs for as it is.

Now if people made better LED lights or something else that didn’t flicker…

I can’t help but wonder if it’s not set up so we have to buy crap to start off with, and then they’ll develop “new and improved.”

is there a recent news item or web page that says what will be allowed? i found some dating back to 2007 that said halogen lites would be ok.

LEDs SHOULD replace CFLs in the not so distant future, and those are will not have any of the downsides that you(plural) have listed. You need to keep in mind how incredibly inefficient incandescent bulbs are. LEDs allow any color, “temperature”* ect, last a looong time, start instantly and use very little electricity.

*By this I mean in the way that your eves perceive it. I am aware that LEDs do not emit Black Body Radiation for light and that the temperature scale doesn’t really make sense for non-incandescent bulbs. Also, that I have a very large ego.

halogens are happy too, but hard to find.

Fen, I hope you are right about the LEDs. That’s old unexploited tech.

LEDs are going to have to come WAY down in price.

If your choice is LED or migraine, guess what you buy…

Not that I can find. Consumer Reports had an article, but frankly, it was pretty vague. 100, 60, 40, but after that I couldn’t figure it out.

They have CFL floodlights now, even dimmable ones (need to match to the correct dimmer though). When we renovated we put in recessed lighting in much of the main floor, and used these almost exclusively. Take about 1 min to warm up. Can dim down to about 20% of full light.

We stockpiled the globe lightbulbs for the bathrooms, just in case.

I believe the hubby is hoping LED lightbulbs will be more reasonably priced by the time incandescents go away.

Has anyone used the LEDs or know anyone that has? Just wondering how the light is.

Not quite the same, but I’ve used them on aquariums.

The primary thing with LED is the controller. Standard lamps, no controller, so you get ‘white’ light, pretty standard brightness compared to a conventional light (IMO), just a bit whiter.

With a controller, you have a huge array of options, for color and brightness and such. Really great, but really pricy. Without the controller, i don’t like them much at all. Tends to be a very cool, flat light. The thing I dislike about LED is what makes them good for a flashlight–the bulbs tend to focus the light in a very small area. So, if you’re lighting an entire room, you need more LEDs to achieve the same ‘lit’ feeling.