SURVEY: Incandescent bulbs - are you stockpiling?

I haven’t used any LED light bulbs, mostly because of the price, but if you get some, keep in mind that different brands or types of bulbs may look different. From what I understand, current fabrication techniques for white LEDS produce a range of white light in each batch, which is part of the reason for the high price. Each LED is tested and binned based on its color temperature. Generally you see cool, natural, or warm to describe the lights, but different binnings and different LED models will produce different colors, which can be annoying. While I like LEDs, I’m not certain they are ready for the average person to use for lighting.


I have globe CFLs in my bathroom. It’s actually nice in the mornings when you’re not quite awake yet as they’re dimmer and slowly get brighter so you’re not squinting so bad.

if only that helped. I’d need some to rub into my eyes. Ocular migraines.

I also use the globe CFLs in the “cat” bathroom where I leave the light on all day. The slow warm up is nice in the morning and when they’re at full strength I really don’t notice the difference. Because of the heavy use I was replacing them constantly… the CFLs have cut that down tremendously.

If anyone is looking into GU10 (small flood) LED bulbs, I suggest IKEA. They have them for around $10 apiece, which is less than half what Home Depot charges… that is if they’re in stock… my local IKEA was sold out.

I heard there would be a mandated switch about a year ago (with no estimate on the date of that switch). Has there been some recent revelations on this? I’m a stockpile superstar, so if I have something to add to my squirrel list, I’m all about it. New obsessions are my obsession.

The 100s will be gone in 2012 and the 60s and 40s in 2014.

But, what about my easy bake oven? I find it hard to believe you won’t be able to get them anymore. There are legitimate reasons to use incandescent light bulbs, and even if there weren’t it doesn’t matter. Do you have a link to where you see this?

I heard they are discontinuing it :frowning:

got my GU10 LED bulbs… they’re ok, but I guess I should have done more research… here’s my review:

The IKEA GU10 bulbs I bought are 4W/125 Lumens. Most Halogen bulbs are 35-50W, which I guess translates to 800 lumens at the high end. Long story short, the light provided is not nearly as bright as before. I have halogen undercabinet lighting in my kitchen so this is not a huge issue, but I definitely won’t be using them in my office where these would be the only light source.

As far as color, I don’t notice a big difference from the existing halogens. Perhaps it’s the design of these bulbs.

The biggest issue I had was the fit of these bulbs in my fixture. In my fixture the bulbs mount flush to the shade with a decorative ring over it. These bulbs must be slightly shorter than halogen bulbs because I could not get the bulb to turn in one of the sockets and the fit was very tight in another. I can/will solve this by grinding a millimeter off the glass shade, but this is definitely a problem.

Overall I recommend them, keeping in mind the faults above. And you can’t beat the IKEA price of under $10 a bulb compared to $30 at most other places I checked.

edit: Almost forgot, these have an even weirder “warm up”. There is a second or so delay from the time I flip the switch to when the bulb lights up. It goes right to full strength, but it takes a little getting used to. The first time I thought the bulb didn’t work.

I think i’ll try and get some.

Stockpiling like a mo fo. I outfitted the house with Lutron dimmers and Grafik room scene dimmers a while back. For some strange reason, the govt and GE didn’t ask my opinion when they decided to “offer” their CFL solution.

CFL = horrible inconsistent light from bulb to bulb mfg to mfg

Too bad we’re too stupid to make lighting decisions for ourselves.