SURVEY: Juicy Burgers

Who do you think has the better burger, Red Robin or Five Guys?

If you’ve only tried one of the places, what did you think of their burgers?

Also in your opinion…who has the better french fries and/or onion rings?

Both just opened here.
Red Robin is still too crowed to go to. Plus hubby isn’t a big meat eater, so no real desire to wait on line.

5 Guys was weird.
No plates, just burgers and fries in a paper bag.
Because we had to wait, we got an extra bunch of fries dumped into the bag before they handed it to us.

It was good, but really greasy.
If we go again, we won’t eat in. It was only open a week and already had cleanliness problems.
They needed someone with a roll of paper towels and a spray bottle of cleaner.
Some guy was doing a really bad job of sweeping up.

I read they picked the location because it is close to 5 high schools. We agreed that this might be paradise for a 17 year old guy!

I’m guessing we might go every couple of months.

The fries were good, but not as good as I remember McD being back before healthy oil.
No onion rings.

Only been to Five Guy’s once, but for a plain simple hamburger, I’d have to go with them. For a fancy “specialty” one, Red Robin has pretty good variety.

Gotta get the small next time.

BKDW w/ cheese is still my favorite. Five guys is good, but around here it seems their burgers McD fries the best. Use to love Jack-in-the Box O’rings!!!

I’ve never been to either of those places. I get my favorite burger at Fat Guy’s Burger Bar!

Hey, you started this. What about your opinion?

Haven’t been to Red Robin an many years, but it was decent from what I recall. 5 Guys…greasy. Fries were mediocre.

SO and I seldom go out for burgers because they’re something super easy to do really well at home.

Sniff; I also prefer my own homemade UFO (secret recipe) burgers.

Of the two, 5 Guys best here. Red Robin is just another money sucker like all those other big chains. The ‘hamburger joint’ ambiance is part of the charm. You gets some peanuts while you wait, thow the shells on the floor. very nice.

The Ground Round in upstate NY was like that until someone slipped on the peanut shells. No longer in business.

In Charlotte, the best burgers are from The Comet, Big Daddy’s, Kickstand and The Lodge. All local spots with a nice bar and lots of TVs.
Red Robin and 5 Guys are here but so is Wendy’s, Micky D’s and Burger King…

Sorry, I forgot about me. lol

I ate at Red Robin and the burger was good and I had to bring home half of it since it was so big. I have several non-chain local places that to my taste are better. I did however enjoy their onion rings, tons of onion rings.

Some Five Guys have been popping up not far away and was wondering how they were compared with Red Robin. I haven’t tried them yet.

5 guys is like the picture Leahbh posted from the place he/she liked.

Honestly, we don’t like really greasy stuff.
We never order onion rings, even though we like them, because we only need one or two each. (of the big ones) An order is usually a huge bunch.

If we ever go back to 5Guys, we will order the small with maybe only one or two toppings.

I don’t like greasy either. I didn’t find the burger at Red Robin to be greasy though. Had the jalapeno one.

We had four people at our table, ordered one onion ring and and one fry to go along with our burgers and still had some leftover. How some people eat that much food is beyond me.

Ninety percent of the time if we want burgers we do them ourselves on the grill. Mostly have burgers at the local place if we are going to watch a big game with friends.

To answer the original Q, RR has a better burger.

5 guys is more “fast foody” but I like their fries (cajun version) better vs. RR. RR has the burger variety and a better atmosphere.
5-guys flat grills vs. RR char-broil (or maybe it’s fake char-broil).

I used to like Fudruckers for the burger bar, but they all closed down. Anymore, a build-a-burger type place tops them all.

Red Robin definitely. We like Five Guys, too, but RR is better. Really juicy, but not greasy. Don’t eat inside at RR, the acoustics are horrible. We only eat there in the summer when we can eat on the patio. Fries at Five Guys because I don’t like steak fries and that’s what RR has.

HI, Poof, how is everything going? Hope you are able to find a few sunny spots in the day.

We don’t have either one of those burger spots. I like Johnny Rockets pretty well but the closest one is about 50 miles away. When I have been out to the West Coast, I really liked In and Out Burger (I think that was the name).