SURVEY: Real maple syrup or fake stuff?

Fake stuff.

real deal.

Whatever is handy; but only on French toast.


Not on pancakes?

real deal!

Nope; just butter and two over-easy eggs, salt and pepper!!! (with bacon)

Once you go real, you never go back.

You even need to ask this!?! Real syrup! Fake stuff doesn’t come even remotely close.

Sigh. And now I’m wishing I still lived within driving distance of Sprague’s, where their restaurant featured so many delicious maple-infused recipes (personal favorite was a Belgian waffle topped with fruit and maple-whipped cream plus a side of maple sausage) and a bottomless syrup jar at each table.

Maybe it’s what we grew up with. I’ve tried the real stuff several times and it just doesn’t taste as good as Aunt Jemima to us.

Real, and the real is a lot healthier because you only need a little bit.

Well, to be fair there ARE varying levels of “real”. The stuff I get from Sam’s club is much thinner and closer to Ain’cha Mama than, say the stuff I get from Trader Joe’s.

Here’s a wiki

i grew up with fake, and when i was old enuf to buy my own and tried the maple, it was an epiphany… “THIS IS WHAT PANCAKE SYRUP ASPIRES TO BE.”

There are a variety of grades of “real” maple syrup.

Any way to tell?

The industry has a grading scale; I don’t like syrup (in spite of my New England roots) regardless of its grade.

All I know is that “extra fancy” syrup is absolutely clear.

lighter = milder flavour for table use, darker = sharper “maple” flavour for cooking/baking/motor oil.

(i made that last one up.)

Maybe some of us are (ahem) old enough to remember when the cheap stuff still had some real maple syrup in it. We always had Log Cabin which if I recall had something like 10% real maple syrup. Nowadays the fake stuff is 100% fake with “maple flavor” whatever that is.
Doesn’t matter anymore, hard to find any of it in Poland!

Oh well; it’s too expensive to ship, anyhow.

Preparin’ dinner, gotta work tomorrow; no wooters; why bother.