SURVEY: Real maple syrup or fake stuff?

Hi Gman, no kidding. It used to be you could pay a little for the slow boat option, but now everything goes by air unless it is huge. Saaaay, a container full of maple syrup, yeah, that’s the ticket!

back before the liquid restrictions in carry-ons I took 2-qt bottles of the real stuff to my friends in Scotland.

must be real syrup. or as they called it - maple sauce.

do europeans eat something equivalent? i’m wondering why someone hasn’t planted a few maple trees over there.

A lot of people eat confectioners sugar on pancakes and french toast. Always seemed way too dry for me.

Europeans eat little that approximates an “American breakfast.”

huh. my mom puts sugar on pancakes and french toast. i thought it was just her!

no maple sausages? :frowning:

Right, because when I linked it several posts up, it didn’t really count. :snob:


have you ever had a Scottish Fry-Up?

fried eggs, fried mushrooms, fried sausages (white and black), fried bacon

Okay. you win. gnight.

hey, I didn’t make it up…that’s what my friends call it when they serve it.

and a full English breakfast is very similar but with friend tomatoes

and toast. cold. served in a toast rack to keep it crisp. ick.

shrug nothing any1 else says counts.

Isn’t it the English who eat kidneys for breakfast?

You have a mom? Who’d a thunk?

I had breakfast on El Al once and there was some kind of a fish draped across a hard boiled egg.

Could we have kippers for breakfast

Mummy dear, Mummy dear

They got to have 'em in Texas

Cos everyone’s a millionaire

If I concurred, would it count? :happy:

My dog pooped today.

they might…they eat it in pie for supper

Kippers, that’s what I meant. What are kippers?