Survey: Should I remind my husband about my birthday?

So, today is my birthday, and I have a sneaking suspicion that my husband has…gulp…forgotten.


He didn’t wish me happy birthday this morning before he went to work, and he made plans with the boy scouts for tomorrow.

…so the question: Do I text him a little hint to remind him? In which case he would deny forgetting with all his might. Or do I let him forget, then bring it up on Sunday…because the guilt of actually forgetting might drive him to get me a better gift?

…a nagging feeling deep inside me wonders: at what point did we turn into the family from Home Improvement?

Hmmm … Sorry to hear that. I forgot my wife’s birthday once. But she did not make a big fuss about it. Of course i had to apologize like a million times. May be her silence was what killed me most :expressionless:

LOL! :slight_smile: Although I appreciate your sympathy…don’t feel sorry for me! I actually find it rather amusing…I’m only curious how to best handle the situation…

You could remind him or get one of these!


As long as you’re taking it well, I’d buy a cupcake and hide it. If nothing happens by the time dinner’s over, I’d bring it out with a candle on it and start singing “Happy birthday to me.”

How many years have you been married? If less than three, remind him.

Any chance you could just ask if it’s okay to go out for dinner, since it’s your birthday and you don’t feel like cooking?

My parents forgot my birthday two years in a row. It wasn’t that they forgot the date, they forgot what day it was and my birthday sorta happened and no one noticed. They felt horrible, but I totally understand, I lose track of dates too. The second year I just made my own plans and asked them if they minded me not being around for my birthday to which they admitted they forgot again and were glad I had plans.

Now that’s evil scary!!!

I would not remind him. I would just go on with my day to day activities. In fact, I would never remind him. If at some time he realizes it, in a month or so, I would not say anything.

WELL - what did you do?

I was wondering if that question was going to get asked.

And now the rest of the story (in a Paul Harvey voice)

You don’t suppose they ran away from each other and Woot?

Maybe she wasnt happy with our answers. :mmm: