SURVEY - Since you're not supposed to keep medicine in the bathroom...

We keep ours in a kitchen cabinet.

LOL, yeah, right above the sink. Plus some in the bathroom.
Both places are perfect examples of where you aren’t suppose to keep it.

Poof is the real bubba. She always starts weird threads like this.
OK…not often, but if there is one, she started it.

Where’s it supposed to be kept?

Someplace cool and dry. Or at least not hot and moist.

I keep my morning med by the coffee machine and night med on bathroom sink - so I remember to take them.

Yep, not supposed to be in the bathroom where it gets steamy. I don’t think over the sink would be a problem unless you run your hot water for long periods of time.

Too logical.

Do you have them in the weekly boxes? Or can you remember if you took them?

One in the morning and one at night - I can remember . . . mostly.

Better memory than me.

Ours too.

It’s not near the stove or sink.

Medicine cabinet, over the sink. But it’s well ventilated and the shower/bath is in another room.

huh. so that’s why we always kept it in the kitchen.

I have mine in a bathroom cabinet. oops.

I figure as long as it’s not in the shower/bath you’re fine. But I have to admit, it’s just the scripts I keep in the kitchen. OTC stuff is in the bathroom with the shower.

In the kitchen (it was just a central location) or in the master closet…off master bath.

Dailies are in the kitchen, cold flu stuff are in the master bathroom under the sink, in plastic drawers. Except the benedryl type stuff I think that is in the medicine cabinet. . . but I can’t take that stuff so I’m not sure.

My morning medicine is in my kitchen on top of the radio that I turn on every morning. Night medicine is on my nightstand so I don’t forget. Everyday cold/cough meds that I keep in the house just in case is in a cabinet in the bedroom closet.

D’name, I use the weekly pill holders. Too many times second guessing myself whether I had already taken it or not.

My purse.

…it’s a big purse.


…it’s a manly purse

in our downstairs bathroom, where tub is that we don’t use.