SURVEY: What do you carry when you go out?

Just wondering how many people take along certain items when they go out? Which of the following items do you normally have in your purse…

a toothbrush/toothpaste
dental floss
small mirror
scotch tape

I carry all of those in my purse, plus my wallet.

Hope your purse isn’t as heavy as mine. lol

Lose the kitchen sink and yours will get lighter, too!

Actually that’s what brought up the question. I was cleaning mine out last night in front of two friends. I was surprised when they mentioned that they didn’t carry certain items that I thought most women did.

replace “gum” with “gun” and you’ll be ok.

a toothbrush/toothpaste
dental floss

I also always have headache meds, an epi-pen, cell phone + charger, iPod + charger, at least 2 thumb drives, a knife, chopsticks, various work badges and keys, a camera, spare memory cards.

why do you carry chargers in your purse? don’t your batteries last the whole day?

I carry chopsticks too! My friends looked at me like I was from another planet…wellll, they know I am. :slight_smile:

Sure, mostly. But I seldom pay attention to the various charge levels when I’m at home, resulting in them dying when I’m at work or someplace. So having chargers along is a good thing.

Of the above, the only one in my purse is a pen. But there’s a ton of other stuff.

i think it’s odd that, with the exception of gman, nobody carries a wallet, driver’s license/govt. issued i.d. or any money, plastic or otherwise.

I do, but didn’t ask that since I would assume people carry that stuff automatically when they go out.

Guess I’m from that planet as well. :smiley:

And I only listed the ‘non-standard’ things.

duct tape
disposable razor
mayonnaise packets
picture of Justin Bieber

No chloroform?


all the time

in pocketbook
date book
assorted pills
pen and little notebook
wallet with gift card type things

dog treats

Wow. What about: Lipstick? Comb? Emery board? Breath mints? Hygiene products that might be necessary? Checkbook? Credit cards?

No makeup.
Yes to comb
should have a emery board, but don’t
no mints
no hygiene I hope I don’t smell
no checkbook
credit cards are in wallet.