SURVEY: What kind of calendars do you have?


Desk calendar - Pearls Before Swine

Wall calendar - polar bears and cubs


How bored are you?

Wall, what ever the bank gave out this year-senic scenes of the area.

day planner - something, someone sent to hubby trying to get business.


Your calendars are boring.


Day-by-Day Desk Calendar = Cute Overload (3rd year straight - love it)

No wall calendar. Mostly use phone for keeping track of appointments and stuff.


Wall Calendar - Salvador Dali paintings (2nd year)

All other calendars are electronic.


Oh yeah, it’s time to buy new calendars isn’t it…


Maybe just a little past time?


???You can spell “scenes” but not scenic???

Wall calendar - U.S. gov’t boring.

No desk calendar.


Ok, we have bought calenders before the new year before and EVERY time we got given calendars, like several. I mean I can get pretty creative about displaying them, but one year it was really bad!!!

Ever since we’ve bought them after. The girls pick out one for their room, we get one for the main room. We help the kids mark important dates on their calendar, no big deal. I use my online calendar for appointments and stuff so having a paper calendar is all about the art anyway.


Spellcheck doesn’t like me. Plus, for some reason, spellcheck is automatic and changes stuff after I moved on.

Like woo it hates the word woo I have to go back and put back in the T


if you can save 90% of the cost and lose less than 10% the value… why buy earlier?


This is another factor!


Because I have appointments and birthdays that are in the first two weeks of January.


and none for the rest of the year?


I made a calendar for my so, and printed an extra copy for myself. Not supposed to have them at work, so it is kind of hidden.


You can’t have calendars at work?


Nope. It’s part of the ‘clean desk’ policy. Technically, when I leave each day there shouldn’t be anything on my desk other than the laptop dock and monitor. Keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, pens, papers, etc are all to be be put away.

The policy isn’t really enforced. Lots of people have personal stuff spread all over their area, including calendars, photos, decorations, etc.


Then why bother having the policy?


No clue. It is the same as the dress code…they make us read it, but it is not universally enforced.


At work I have a medium sized wall calendar that my mom sent me, with pictures of Quepos/Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica. They made it to give to her customers.

I need to find a funny page a day calendar for my desk at work.

I use my phone at home. It is sync’d to my Outlook calendar at work.