SURVEY: What's on your sandwich bread?

I know food surveys are poof’s domain, but this has been bothering me for weeks.

What do you put on the bread when you are making a lunchmeat sandwich? Butter, Mayo, Salad dressing, what?

I’ve always used Mayo, but my Mom and sister use Miracle whip (salad dressing). I’d never heard of butter going on bread that wasn’t being toasted, but when my mother-in-law and her husband visit there is no way to keep the butter tray full with the amount they use for sandwiches!

I grew up in So. Idaho/North Utah. Mother-in-law is from Iowa.

So what do you use? Oh and to make this interesting if you could include your general region that you consider yourself from (not necessarily where you live now).

Depends on what else is going on! For turkey and chicken, I like mayo. Ham is good with mustard. I don’t eat much roast beef. BLT’s are good with either mayo or miracle whip, but I really do prefer mayo.

I don’t know if it’s a regional thing…I grew up in Colorado.

Thanks I forgot about mustard, my doula did that! I think it was with ham, interesting!

btw I did make a cheese and PB yesterday, needed to slice the cheese thinner so it melted more, but good. Not gonna eat it all the time, but it did break up the monotony!

I use real mayo or mustard, occassionally dijonaisse - never butter or catsup/ketchup.

Also depends on the type of bread.

Miracle Whip with fowl, mayo if it’s unavailable. Mustard with ham or beef, spicy brown > yellow. I’m from the Pacific Northwest and/or Alaska.

That’s awesome! I think you’re the first person to actually try it. :smiley: Most people just look at me strangely and tell me to stick to cookies. :smiley:

Maybe you can tell me why nobody in Colorado can make decent corned beef then?

Because corned beef is icky?


Spicy Pickle, maybe? The one in Fort Collins is fabulous, my sister speaks well of one in the Denver area, though I’m not sure which one. I’ve not had the corned beef (ick factor of about 7), but they make some good sandwiches and I’ve never been disappointed.

Nope, the only place that makes adequate pastrami/corned beef is Deli Zone, which is sad. I prefer the Smiling Moose to the Pickle. Tried a few times and really have no desire to go back. 'Course, I’d just as soon go to Illegal Pete’s either way.

Nothing. I need to go to the store.

huh…I wonder if the Pickle has gone downhill–it was more than 10 years ago that I was last there and I know they’ve changed as they expanded. That sucks!

I think you can order corned beef from Zingermans…if you’re desperate!

And what will you buy while you are there?

Foe the record, Gatzby, you still have not answered the question.

Burritos aren’t sandwiches!

Almost always mayo for me. I hate mustard. I wouldn’t use butter or Miracle Whip. I have used bbq sauce on roast beef before. On SubWay sandwiches, sometimes I get Ranch instead of mayo.

I live in the southeast.

Mayo/Miracle Whip - ham, roast beef (sometimes)

Mustard: Ham, bacon sandwiches

Ketchup: Meatloaf sandwich

Ranch/Italian: various subs

On ham sandwiches, either hot or cold - butter on one side, mustard on the other. Occasionally mayonnaise.

Turkey - Miracle Whip - mounds of it.

Roast Beef - mustard.

Cold meat loaf - again, mounds of Miracle Whip.

Hot dogs - mustard and ketchup.

Hamburgers - if there’s good tomato available, Miracle Whip. Otherwise, mustard and ketchup.

Edit: Butter also goes on cucumber and radish sandwiches. Mayonnaise on fresh chive sandwiches.

mostly mayo and/or mustard. ketchup on fried egg sammiches, but i guess nobody here’s interested in fried egg sammiches.

Unless they have activated charcoal seat cushions.

I eat them all the time, but I fry them over easy and break the yolk on the bread/toast. Sometimes a very light coating of Miracle Whip.

Might I suggest chili chutney instead of ketchup?

Wow, it has been a while since I’ve had a triple fried egg chili chutney sandwich.