SURVEY: What's on your sandwich bread?


I prefer my egg sammies “dry”. The egg provides plenty of moisture if it’s cooked right.

Mayo on tuna fish, egg salad, chicken salad and turkey.

Mustard on all other sandwiches except a corned beef reuben…I have that the traditional way.

Live in PA.

I prefer salad dressing (mayo if miricle whip not available) on fowl. Bread lightly buttered on all meat or poultry. I don’t like any other condiments.

Hmmm… I mostly use Miracle Whip

turkey or chicken - Miracle Whip, sometimes Miracle whip AND spicy mustard, affectionately known as Grey Poopie

Ham - Miracle whip, sometimes yellow or spicy mustard

Roast beef - lots of Miracle whip

Tuna or chicken salad - usually, again, miracle whip.

I do occasionally use mayo, but I prefer Miracle whip

Hot Dogs - Mustard & sweet pickle relish

I never put ketchup on a sandwich. I don’t ask for it on burgers, but won’t scrape it off. I prefer mayo or miracle whip on those too.

I am…mayo, cheese, and salt on mine.
I slap the cheese on quick so it melts a little. :9

Mmmm, cheese is fantastic on a fried egg sammie. <3

  1. Get urself out ur fryin’ pan.
  2. Dump some oil in thar.
  3. Heat that sucker up 'til the oil’s all sizzle-like.
  4. Turn heat to more mediumer.
  5. Put some thinner sliced unyuns in the pan and let 'em get kinda see-through
  6. Lay some real thin-sliced ribeye in thar with the unyun and let the cow get kinda brownish for a couple of minutes.
  7. Open up ur jar of Cheez Whiz. Get it warm in one of those new-fangled microwaves these drug-addled kids today are always talking about.
  8. Scoop ur meat & onion orgy onto ur hoagie roll.
  9. Dump ur warmed-up Cheez Whiz on the meat bits.
  10. Consider it your patriotic duty to eat the entire thing.

Thread hijacking!!! New SURVEY!

If I was stranded somewhere and needed money to get home, your level of friendship with me would let you…
A. Pray to god that wherever I am stuck I can’t access the web.
B. Send me $0.10
C. Send me $1.00
D. Send me $10.00
E. Friend? Hahahaha!
F. Put me on ignore

Bold and italicized above, but that’s contigent on you being able to answer a trivia question correctly.

G. contact your parents, see if they want you to get back home and will send you the money :slight_smile:

Along with the $10 you’d send him a meal too or at least cookies, wouldn’t you? He has to survive on something while he’s collecting money for his trip back home.

I’m very picky about what I eat though. I demand home made cookies. Oh, and you better wash your hands before you make them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m living with my parents now, so I don’t think they would want me back. I think they are trying to get rid of me.

I have people BEGGING for my home made cookies.

It would have to be a darned clever answer.

It would probably be easier to just move you in and keep you as a pet.

You won’t be living far from me soon. Occasionally I’ll come walk him to give you a break. :wink:

Ohhh…Sadly, plans have changed. I’ll still be moving, eventually, but the destination is currently unknown. :confused:

Oh sorry. Do you have to ship your fish back to where you are now or can you wait till you get to your new location?

He’s going to stay there for now. I don’t have the space for him currently. If I do at my new, as yet to be decided place, I’ll get him back.

That’s good. Hope things work out and you get to a place where you’ll really enjoy living.