SURVEY: When you make strawberry shortcake, what do you use for the cake?

I’ve always made shortcake from Bisquick in the past, but I kind of like those little spongey things you buy. A friend says she uses pound cake. That sounds interesting.

I use angel food cake.

edit: This is the recipe I’ve been using lately. After having it at a friends I found it was better than my moms.

Sugar biscuits or angel food cake or pound cake or sometimes those little yellow sponge cakes.

edit: Marbled pound cake is real good, too. You get a little chocolatey flavor in there!!

Pound cake of some kind, or a scone-type biscuit.


Dessert’s always really expensive at my house.

angel food cake

but I don’t really consider that to be a real “strawberry shortcake” either. it’s just angel food cake w/ strawberries.

I like pound cake, or those little spongy cakes you buy in the store.

The little spongy cakes are always what we had growing up. :slight_smile:

Used Twinkies once; not bad - same sponge cake as those mentioned here.

excellent idea. cake and cream already together, just add strawberries!

Might have to try this sometime soon. I’ve also seen twinkies used as the “rice” in dessert sushi (twinkie slices wrapped in fruit-roll with gummy treats as “fish”) and I bet that fresh sliced strawberries would taste better than fruit gummies too.


that isn’t a renewable resource!

Used to develop weapons of mass dessert??

Ancillary question:

Do you slice the berries or smoosh 'em?

I smoosh 'em.

Smoosh most, add diced and sliced after construction, then top with a whole one.

I use a potato masher. Depends on how juicy the berries are how much I smoosh.

Me, too. I prefer juicy mix of the "spoon-over sauce, then add the chunks and slices for chewability!

Stooopid-ass woot.

Truer words were never uttered. Hi Gman, haven’t chatted with you in a while. Hope all is well with you. Rain

Hi, R’ing! I’ve missed ya!

We make the shortcake. I can’t imagine using any store bought stuff. Yuck.

Have you tried ALL the store-bought stuff or have you just decided this arbitrarily?