SURVEY: Who has a pre-lit Christmas tree and do you like it? Maybe a brand?

I’m thinking about it. Wondering if one set of lights go out, is the tree kaput?

nope no tree here

I’ve had prelit trees since they first came out. I would never go back.

If a few lights go out, the string stays lit. There can be problems with fuses, connections, or wires that can cause the string to go out.

I had 3 strings out on the current tree last year (10 years old). I was about to throw it out when I saw an ad for this silly little tool. I’ll be damned if it didn’t work and all 3 strings came on. Neighbor didn’t have as much luck with it though.

I don’t look so much for brands but I do look at number of lights and tips. You want both numbers high for a good full tree. Lights is obvious. Tips is the branch tips. More tips, means more splits and more fullness.

I will definitely go LED on my next tree for the energy savings alone.

I’ve been watching this site. They seem to have a good selection. That’s where I learned about that tool too.

Good luck poof. I still do the real tree, I just have to have that smell, and the fake smells make me sick, so it’s the real thing or nothing.

you guys would make charlie brown cry. everybody except ktc. you go girl!

I have a 12ft pre lit and we love it. It is getting old but still works. I have only replaced a few bulbs.


I’ve had a pre-lit tree for a few years and I love it. I’m not even sure if we’d had to replace any bulbs on it yet.

I have an awesome pre-lit tree. I let my sister use it last year and will this year too just due to space in my new place. I love it though. It’s super easy, has lots of lights and is very full.

I ordered it online. If I can figure out from where, I’ll let you know

How long have you had it?

I have had this one about 4 or 5 years. The one before that I had for about 7 years before it pooped out. The quality on that one wasn’t as good as the quality on the one I have now though.