SURVEY: Who has and uses a library card? (Not your kids')

I was at the library a couple times a week when I was growing up and probably into my 30s, maybe 40s. But not since then. Now I buy them all.

In the south, they don’t believe books are for anything other than burn’n. As a result the library doesn’t have much to offer.

You’re going to be in trouble when Joyner reads this.

Ours is under construction. They moved into a storefront while the construction is going on.
There are very few books in the storefront. They moved the kids books, and the video collection. Very little else. It is odd.

Two replies, and neither of them has answered the question. The question wasn’t that difficult and didn’t ask for explanations.

Have one; don’t use it.

I don’t have a library card, but I do consider Hallmark a card library.

I love to read, I have owned a library card since I was a little kid. I used the military libraries overseas quite a bit, most Army posts in Europe have a library and they are surprisingly well stocked with the latest bestsellers as well as older books. Since living in Poland I am without a library since I don’t read Polish although my wife uses our local library regularly. I am going to donate my collection of paperbacks to the Polish library so they can have some books in English. In the meantime I can find books in English in a bookstore across the river in Germany and I am pretty sure there are some used bookstores in Berlin (about 60 miles from my house) that will have books in English. Sometimes my sister sends a care package of used paperbacks but postage costs more than the books! At this point I will read almost anything! I am looking into getting an e-reader.

Have one and use it.

You are in deep trouble, deep, deep trouble!!! For shame Fen! You haven’t been to your local public library lately!

Public Libraries here in the states often have e-books as part of their collections. You download them to your PC or e-reader and they time out in a couple of weeks. I bet your sister’s library provides this service. PM me if you need more info.

What do you do with your books after you read them?

If I like them, I keep them. I have a lot of books that I’ve read four or five times. If it’s not a keeper, it gets passed on. And I have several people that give me books, too.

They started looking funny at him when he went into the kids room to get the books he could read.

sometimes I buy books, sometimes I go to the library. No way I could afford to buy all the books I read.

I don’t like hardbacks, I prefer paperbacks. Probably beause it was pounded into me not to mistreat books. I leave them open, which can break the spines, and I dogear them.

I have a library card, and keep meaning to use it more.

I tend to buy books. Sometimes I sell them at the half price bookstore.

I have used the electronic library and downloaded books before - and I find that a VERY cool thing that libraries are doing these days.

you can check out audio books that way also.

We love audio books when we travel. We listen in the car. It makes the trip fly by.

We (Orc and I) each have a library card. Orc has his library card number memorized because he is always reserving stuff. Orc goes to the library once a week with Ver2 and Ver3 (I’d go with, but I volunteer at the school about that same time.) Ver1 will go to the library when school is out for the summer and during spring break, since we usually go during school hours. Ver1 is probably old enough to be responsible for not losing her own card, but the check out max is rather high and we’ve only maxed out both cards once so far.

I always stock up on audiobooks (usually CD, but I know we have a limited download service) before road trips. Orc likes to get a movie every week or so.

I rarely used the library growing up (well I used the elementary school library), but we didn’t really have one either. It was in the city and about a 45 min drive with, as my mom would say, no parking. It was a huge library and since we almost never went there I never knew where to go. We did get a branch library about 20 mins away when I was in high school and after I could drive I went there a few times to try to find the genre of books I like (I didn’t have a clue what that was) and for research, but most of the research material was still at the big library or what passed for a University in that town’s library - across the street from the big city library. My high school, I guess had a library, but it didn’t have much that wasn’t required reading in the classes.

I was an voracious reader brought up in a household of avid readers.My dad would make a trip to the library every two or three weeks to load up on books and take us kids along with him. As a result I was reading at a high school level while I was in elementary school and college level early in high school. I did have a card as soon as I could get one and kept one until I moved to Texas.I read everything I could get my hands on until about 10 years ago, I find I don’t have the attention span any more to sit and read a whole lot at a sitting. I don’t think the library here is very good however I do have access to the university’s library, I just don’t use it.