Survival 10K Solar Charger & Light (2 Colors)

My Biggest fear with these all in one solar panel and LiPo batteries heat - you put that panel in direct sunlight the whole thing will heat up, which is very counterproductive for the batter (especially while it’s charging) Phones even have the smarts to shut down charging when they sense the battery is hot.

I have a similar unit I’ve used without problems for several years. The solar panel is capable of bringing the battery to about 50% to 60% charge, after 8+ hours of good sunlight, with an external charger required for a full charge. On all of these units I’ve seen, the solar panel is only for charging the battery, and you can’t charge the battery while you are using it. The street price for this unit is a bit lower than the list price:

LILO. light in, light out.

I have been trying to turn on the light. By pushing the power button twice fast and then slow and the light doesn’t come on any suggestions???

Does it take anyone else like 2+ days in the sun to get this thing to partially charge? I would expect maybe 3-4 hours to full charge with the efficiency advertisement they made. They also won’t respond to my inquiry

Or you can go on Amazon and choose from 10 different ones, all cheaper than this once you figure free shipping.

Psst, Woot. Wouldn’t this be something that should be over on the SPORTS & OUTDOOR page? Just sayin… That is unless it has to have the term “TACTICAL” listed somewhere in it’s definition to get the bump ;-). I understand it being considered a phone charger but it can also run those USB light (strings) as well.

But speaking of these type chargers. They are best to just lay them on your dash so they can charge all day and only use it if you REALLY need it. They take way longer the listed to charge so I’d be conservative if you need it or get two.

Description does not include its weight. C’mon, wootsters! You can do better.

Sorry about that - it’s surprisingly hard to get the dimensions. Even the official product page doesn’t list them. But never fear, we have come through in your hour of need!

This thing weighs about 9 ounces.

I received one of these as free replacement for another type I had purchased on Woot (very generous of Woot), however, this one did not charge in the sun.
I trashed both units.

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