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What is the date of manufacture on the Mountain House packs?

That Guppie and EatNTool combo is a great price. I wish I could say that they are great quality but, being that mine haven’t arrived for nearly a month, I can’t really say. Contact woot staff, you say? I did. No response. So if you enjoy paying a great price and receiving nothing, by all means, this is the tool combo for you.

I’m very sorry about that, I’ll make sure our CS team checks into your case.

We list this info:
Manufacture Date: 2014
Expiration Date: 2024

Maxpedition 1105B Sliver-II 38" Gun Case - Khaki

I bought one of these last time it was on Woot.

It’s Maxpedition, so it is good quality and will last forever, however, this thing is tiny.

You cannot fit a 16" barreled AR-15 carbine in the front compartment, even with the stock retracted all the way. You can fit it in there if you take the rifle down to its two halves.

You can barely fit the same gun in the larger second compartment. But I seriously doubt you could get a hunting rifle in there.

Just a heads up to everyone. Its a good quality item, but the size is too almost too small. I suspect this is why this item is on Woot.

Customer Service is NOT playing nice on the previous (Dec 23) woot offer delivery of Guppies/Tool. Woot is currently a week past their “1-2 shipping days”. I wrote a week ago and told woot of a change in delivery address because it was taking them so long to ship. Response, you can’t change delivery address…says so in FAQ’s.

Yet it was okay for woot to send a partial shipment just a month before (11/26) and CANCEL the one remaining item (all were ordered and confirmed at the same time for a planned project). A several hundred dollar order spoiled and a $5 consolation “credit”. Major double standard going on: Customer 15 minutes, Woot limit?

Holy f…g monkeys, Woot? Can’t you send the Guppies/Tools to an address where I will be, since you are a week late on shipping?

A little help here?

Hi nadh: I’ll check with CS to see why this hasn’t shipped. We do not make changes to orders (addresses, cancel, quantity, etc) for security reasons. Plus, once the order is released for processing, it’s impossible for us to make changes. It’s sent on and mixed in with thousands of other orders/files.

I received my Guppie and tool combo in time for them to be much appreciated Christmas gifts for my friends and myself. I couldn’t be happier about my order and purchase; as gifts, they were great hits! The knife is sharper than I expected and the quality of all the equipment is better than average for the money! Appreciate it, Woot!!

I’ve been carrying an LED Lenser M5 around in my pocket for about a year and it’s held up very well. It’s quite useful for brief walks through dark places, looking behind computers, and similar unanticipated needs for modest illumination. Would buy again.

Is the machete made in china? Is any of this stuff, other than the mountain house, not made in China?

There are a couple machetes. Can you link me to the one you’re asking about?

If you do a lot of travel and don’t have the chance to get your laundry done by others or in a machine, the Scrubba is pretty cool. I appreciated having it during a six day hut-to-hut trek this past summer.

Lifestraw $19.20 with AmazonPrime

I thought it was a Bong!.. :o)

Look into the Sawyer…filters better, more flexibility, and up to 100,000 gallons for about the same price.

You have to wade quite a ways through the Amazon reviews to find someone who wasn’t given one to review…even down into the three star range (rare). They’re obviously trying to make a good impression.

What I didn’t see was a comparison with a simple Ziploc or cheapo rolltop waterproof bag or other method, though several of the low-star reviews alluded to it:

While I’m sure they’re nice, for that much money there are better options.

Oddly, I was just looking at these after spending yesterday evening unexpectedly trapped behind my dear 90-year-old Dad’s computer desk for two hours–entangled in a nest of wires & armed with only his ancient, dim flashlight. Perfect review & recommendation–my next woot is ‘clearly in sight’ now. Thanks so much & Happy New Year!:slight_smile:

You can buy the mountain house pouches cheaper directly from mountain house. This is NOT a deal. WTF woot?

You can buy them cheaper directly from Mountain House. And they’ll be new.