Survival Equipment

anyone have experience with the yukon machete? seen it several times here but haven’t jumped on it. would be for a get home bag in my truck.

I just received one a few days ago to put in a “stranded in the middle of nowhere” survival kit (been watching too much Survivorman lately I think). Seems to be good build quality with a good edge onthe blade and what should be an effective saw blade on the spine. Handle to tip is about 17". The only complaint I really came across when checking it out before buying is that the sheath isn’t particularly good, my experience is that it’s a pretty tight fit and I can see how the saw blade side can tear it up with repeated use.

How is the Mountian House deal better than what Walmart offers. Its doesnt look like it is.

These are much larger. Nine, 5-serving packages of entrees. The breakfasts and side vegetables included with the walmart pack are usually less expensive to start with too. The weight of these dehydrated entrees is almost 7 pounds. Compared to the walmart “shipping weight” of 3.5 lbs for that multi-pack.

I wish I had a reason to buy these because they do seem to be a good price, but I don’t have a use for the family-sized meals for backpacking.

Ahhh, yes, but not by much. With shipping from Woot and free store pick up from Wally World. Its 12.94 Woot and 13.02 WalMart per pound. So you save $0.06 by buying from Woot. And like you said they’re family size bags.

You’re also paying more for the vegetable sides and breakfasts vs all entrees. And the “shipping weight” from Walmart may include the actual shipping packaging (not sure on that) too where Woot’s stats are just the meals.

Apples-to-apples comparisons on these exact family sized meals is they’re a better deal on woot than everywhere else I checked (amazon, campmor, etc …). But, I still won’t be buying them because they’re too big for my needs.

Where’s the Solo stove?! I NEED a Solo stove and saw one on sellout once…

I would be careful about that Yukon kuckri. It is a near copy of the Cold Steel Kuckri but with a different grind. Also it says it is made of 440, which is a pretty crappy steel, but absolutely dangerous to be used for a heavy blade like that.

If you are looking for a Kuckri, save up and get the Kaybar one, Ontario one is a bit better but more expensive, and the Cold Steel Gurka Kuckri is great but will cost over $100.

I reckon you can open them and break them up into two or three parts, and seal them in different bags. I usually take them out of their original bags and put them in a more bear-can friendly ziploc.

I’ve been impressed with the Mountain House food packs that I’ve had before. I would agree with Cricky, that you are paying for better quality product here.

Whether you buy from here or Wal-Mart, it still Mountain House.

The family size bags might be better for a family co-op bug-out-bag.