Survival Equipment

Duh. I just (finally) realized that Woot owns the Life Straw company. We will be seeing it offered daily until the end of time…

It figures. The one time I’m looking forward to grabbing one of those Guppie/Eat’N tool kits is the one time they don’t offer them.

What happens after 1000 liter of water has been filtered? Since no replacement parts I just pitch it?

Yep. So, buy two incase the 2nd wave of zombies attack your fortified bunker. For what these things do, it’s worth it. It’s a purifier, which is better then filters (this does both by the way)… :wink:

Hello woot? Are you there? This is cheaper on amazon when you factor in shipping if you have prime. Just saying…

Which item?

Someone please! Buy this stuff so we can stop looking at this poor guy laying on the ground sucking up crick water!

Also, have some feels for the poor shmo who had to take the pic.

I am also really tired of this photo…

Instead of the LifeStraw, get a Sawyer Mini instead.

You must be correct. Dyson (aka Woot!) probably owns this Life Straw company, and soon we will constantly be seeing “Refurbished” Life Straws! Ha1

LifeStraw is okay for what it is, but a Sawyer Mini is even better. They are amazing little devices (both of them).