Survival Equipment

Those aren’t “family size” pouches though.

Correct. The bucket is 29 servings total, including breakfast granola. This is 45 servings, all the more expensive dinners.

You would think that red shirt would have eventually figured out that he needed to bring more water on his expeditions, not just rely on his big blue straw.

every time you guys run this sale and i see the guy drinking from the stream, i say to myself, “TY PENNINGTON!”

then i laugh and wonder if you guys hired a semi look alike just to get this reaction from me?

Every time this pops up, I see the guy drinking from a simple straw out of a stream and I think, “I should get one of those.” Then I see that it’s actually a straw and some big ass thing, attached to some other thing. And I don’t know what all of those things are for. And I look back at the guy simply drinking from a straw at a stream and I pause. Then I look back at the hot mess of equipment, and I think, “I’ve been duped.”

That parchute blanket is THE BEST for the beach and concerts. It has these little tri-corner pockets to toss sand/rocks/empty beer cans in to hold it down.

Also washes and dries super fast and is extremely packable. I thought I lost it after a camping beach outting and lost my mind trying to re-purchase one at regular price. So happy it’s back. Other people buy it. be happy too. gar petey

What is the difference between the P5.1 here for $20 and the P5.1 under Sport.Woot for $12?

It sure looks like Woot is selling the same item in two places for two different prices…

I bought one of those straws a couple years ago on Amazon. It’s just a straw thing, not a bunch of other equipment. The filter is built in.

But ah, I don’t see it for sale in the survival equipment section. You’re right, we’ve been duped.

Drinking out of a stream with some sort of blue straw thing looks pretty cool. And if the water is cold might be refreshing if he forgot his ice cold water bottles. Maybe he doesn’t care about packing essentials on his adventures as long as he has the big blue straw he is golden.