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What are the dimensions for the Yukon Outfitters MG-WECK001 Extreme Weather Car Kit? Also, with the items included in the kit, is it a tight fit? Or is there enough room to insert additional items into the bag?

What’s the length of the safety Triangle?

I’d kind of like to get this as a small diaper bag for my kid but I’m concerned about reviews I’ve read where the stitching and straps don’t seem to last very long.

Refreshing to see a good deal for a change. The binoculars really are 50% off. Just ordered a pair. Leupold is good stuff

This is a really good deal for the EarthEasy LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purification System. Easy to use, filters 4,700 gallons of water, and not to big to carry. This product sells between $74 and $85 everyday. However, if your need something smaller than this product and since it’s sold on Amazon I would recommend Sawyer. Here is a link from Amazon. Price goes up depending on quantity ordered.

Skinny Jeremy Clarkson is back, drinking from streams and puddles with his oversized bubble tea straw.

You can’t see the desperation in his eyes from a lack of hydration, but it’s there, masked behind his survivalist bravado.

Maybe next time he’ll fill his Camelbak with something besides litres of machiato.

I have another question about Yukon Outfitters MG-WECK001 Extreme Weather Car Kit? - Does the kit come with the gloves pictured? (also looks like some kind of hat??) these don’t look like disposable gloves which is on the list of contents . .

okay, also would like to know why the Yukon Tactical MG-5032 Overwatch Sling Pack is listed at 50% off when Yukon’s list price is $49.99 - that should make Woot’s price $24.99 instead of $29.99 - small difference but it WOULD cover shipping cost . . . it is 1/2 half width of the Alpha pack (and I believe these are outer dimensions).

The video shows some guy going through all the parts including the triangle. It looks to be pretty good size relative to the guy’s torso.

Could someone please get this poor sap in the picture a fresh glass of water?

The Yukon Outfitters Extreme Weather Car Kit’s storage duffle dimensions: 16" x 5" x 10".

There’s a little bit of extra room to squeeze some smaller items for extra preparedness. However, this guy is pretty much fully loaded.

Safety triangle’s 3 panels are all 16.25". When fully assembled it stands at 15.5" tall.

Thanks for the support and hope this helps!


Good catch! We’re working with Woot to have the specs tab updated.

Those are Fleece gloves and hat. Comfy enough for everyday use, and great part of this kit for extra warmth in case of an emergency.

Contents include:
600D Polyester - Storage Duffle
Aluminum Emergency Shovel
4 pcs – Instant Heat Packs (Reusable)
10’ - Medium Gauge Jumper Cables (300 Amp/8 Gauge)
4 pcs - Emergency Ponchos
4 pcs - Emergency Mylar Solar Blankets
5 in 1 Emergency Flashlight (Led Flashlight, Beacon Signal, Emergency Hammer, Safety Belt Cutter, Magnetic Base; 2 AA batteries not included)
Ice Scraper
Fleece Hat and Gloves
5 in 1 Emergency Whistle (Signal Whistle, Water Resistant Storage Container, Liquid Compass, Signaling Mirror, and Flint Fire-Starter)
Safety Triangle
First Aid Kit - Includes:
2 pcs - Elastic Bandages
First Aid Dressing
Medical Tape
2 pcs - Non-Adherent Sterile Pads
12 pcs - Adhesive Bandages
Disposable Medical Gloves
2 pcs -Trauma Pads
Triangular Bandage

what is the weight of the NcStar VISM CBZ2911 Zombie Tac Backpack?

2.8lbs according to this site.

Any chance for more stock of leupold binoculars?