Survival of the Funnest

It probably goes without saying, but people, don’t feed your lions bubblegum. It never turns out as well as this shirt would have you believe.

Those lions sure know how to party. Wonder why I wasn’t invited.

“And when you’re done with that piñata, why don’t you go back to sleep for 23 hours a day!”

(lion insults)

I think I love this.

I never ended up getting any good candy…by the time I got to what was left of the pinata guts, all there was were those old pieces of rock hard bubble yum and left over Halloween spider rings…

How does this factor into that whole “Circle of Life” thing I’ve heard all those songs about.

Things you don’t hear every day: “Oh no! Our savannah fiesta is ruined!”

How did the piñata, a creature of Mexico, come to end up the lion’s domain of Africa? Very suspicious…

Also I call foul on Lemon color.

Viva Piñata\Kinecticals cross-over?

I’d be lion if I said I didn’t want some purple candy.

Illegal alien?

Candy smugglers. What is the world coming to…

Yes, I definitely love this.

I asked them if they did it and they said no, but you know how they are. I think they’re lion.

As a card carrying member of PETP (people for the ethical treatment of pinatas), I find this shirt offensive. Please remember that pinatas are not ours for use in entertainment, experiments, or to eat. How would you like it if you were a candy stuffed donkey and people joked about feeding you to lions? I doubt you’d think it was funny. Cardboard donkeys, like all children’s games, have a Snickers and probably some crappy jolly ranchers. They feel fear, pain, sadness and other emotions, just like you and me. Please don’t buy this shirt, it’s just downright offensive to the cute lil cardboard donkeys minding their own business, chilling on the string…

I love the color choice. Yellow is such a lonely color, as is purple. They work great as compliment colors. Love the balance here with the bubble gum and cub and the pinata.

Today is my 25th birthday and I’ve always bought the shirt of the day of my bday… But today I don’t think I am… Lol I can’t imagine a time I would ever wear this shirt!

Pinata contents:


Bubble Gnum

Chocolate Zebars

Happy B’day! Looks like the lions got to your party first. Who invited them?