Survival Seed Vault by Patriot Seeds

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Survival Seed Vault by Patriot Seeds
Price: $9.99 - 24.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Mar 03 to Monday, Mar 06) + transit
Condition: New


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How come these seeds are such a low price and when I try to buy this many on a reputable seed site i’m spending $80?

Because you do not get to choose what’s in a canister and a lot of these mixes are pretty lame

Your own private #Vault7
Buy before the coming Apocalypse

What is the “expiration date” on these seeds? The apocalypse may be tardy.

Who needs these Survival seeds?
Is someone to do us Dirty deeds?
If so you’ll need seeds and beer,
So you better get them right here.
Woot will benefit from the proceeds.

I’d like to know the expiration as well. Are the discounted because it’s close to expiring?

If kept at 70 degrees or lower they say 5 plus years. I’ve got my first survival seed vault back in 2012 and I have not had any problem with the seeds growing. Where I keep them the temps range from 60 to 80 throughout the year. This is a good buy.

Where can I buy survival dirt and survival water for the plants as well?

Are they really better than buying some seed packets from HomeDepot/Lowes? I was told those are good for 3-4 years also. Thoughts?

Wow. Fear of survival is rampant and major bucks are spent on it. There is a multi-billion dollar industry that benefits from our fears. What a shame! I say be prepared, but stop being afraid.

I find the whole bug out bag/prepper/doomsdayer/what have you culture very strange. It must be miserable to live in fear like that. But who am I to judge? I go to Con’s and dress up like fictional characters for funsies.

It’s not all about fear and survival. For some it’s about NON-GMO plants. These seeds are heirloom and have not been tampered with by man. For some people it’s about eating healthy organic foods. Although I think they need to sell a greenhouse with the seeds… lol.

FWIW, concern over genetically-modified organisms is probably a big part of this and as for major bucks, Home Depot offers 1 non-GMO beefsteak tomato pack for $2.58. If all the seed packs listed are part of the Woot deal, I’d say anyone who wants any six of 'em is SAVING major bucks here - not counting being able to propagate next year’s crop from this year’s produce…

Per the description: Best by 02/2022

The list of seeds included in the vault is in the description. Personally, the only one I’m not excited about is the radish variety. Yuck radishes.

The only reason they might be better is price and the ability to propagate from your “crop”. Most seed sold at retailers are genetically modified so you cannot grow plants from the seeds the food you grow. All of these seeds are supposed to grow plants that can be harvested, and the seeds will grow more plants. I have one of these “vaults” but have never tested that.

I ordered 3 from Woot a year or so ago and the only issue was all of the canisters were dented and damaged. The seeds inside were fine.