Survival Spring by Alexapure (3-Pack)

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Survival Spring by Alexapure (3-Pack)
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12/23/2016 - $29.99 - Click To See Discussion (6 comments)

When is woot bringing back the Alexa replacement water filter???
All filters are great. Now I need a replacement at woot pricing.

I just passed your wish to our buyers. :slight_smile:

is there a shelf life span for these if they are not used immediately?

There are no working parts. Every fiber filter I’ve purchased (including water purifiers), if they remained sealed and un-used, they have no expiration date. Even if used, they will last till they clog or capacity is reached (when it’s hard to extract water from the straw). I have the lifestraw family and mission in my emergency kit and I carry the GrayL water purifier in my go-bags. Everything I have read about them is they last as long as the filter allow passing of the water. If they are not used, just put on a shelf. They will outlast me LOL. Hop that helps.

Just one of many sources below.

I only see pictures with people sipping through it. Can you fill a water container with it?

If you backyard engineer a suction bulb or other siphoning device that constantly applies suction, sure. The system is not gravity fed.

According to the Alexapure website, these have a threaded bottom to attach a standard plastic bottle. In my experience with other filters of this type that means the “cola” bottle, even the two liters work. But you typically don’t want to use the much thinner water bottles. The bottle you attach to the filter is for dirty water and you squeeze the bottle to make drinking a little easier or to fill another container with clean water. The threads on the water bottles do not hold up well to the squeezing.
To add to the shelf life question. These do last a long time, but if you use it make sure it is completely dry prior to putting it away for storage.