Survival Tracking Guide

Congratulations on your shirt win (38 minutes later after it should’ve been posted, but that’s for another thread!)

just a preemptive measure for those who got fed up with woot’s incompetence and went to bed.

SOLD OUT? Want to buy it? Bookmark this link and check back tomorrow!

P.S. - for the 3 shirts i’ve had printed at woot:

GI Metro: server f–ked for 35 minutes before anyone could buy one
Close Encounters: server f–ked for 45 minutes before anyone could buy one
Tracking Guide: server f–ked for 35 minutes before anyone could buy one

I should have had three midnights where I was ecstatic that I was getting printed. Instead I’ve had three midnights filled with fury and hate.

Oh well. Back to your irregularly scheduled wootoff, already in progress.

It’s a nice shirt, but I’ve got my heart set on “Righty Tighty”.

It finally shows up and now I doesn’t seem to want to let me buy it…I guess I don’t need a new shirt after all.



hahahehe how freakin appropriate after … how long was that robot up??? eek :wink:

in for 1

This made me smile but i cant say id want it on a shirt :(.

sweet shirt, alas I’m still waiting for my China 2145 shirt to take its 6 years via smartpost to show up, and with my Shirt.woot quota of one a month already met I’m going to have to pass. Neat concept and execution though.

Clever, not a great shirt though. Don’t know if the ninja fandom will be enough to sell it.

Congrats! Great shirt. In for 1.

:]!! BOUGHT!!

Told you so. I’m in for 3. :slight_smile:

Congrats Jack! Bummer that Woot is having server probs because of the Woot Off. But I’m sure it will sell out anyway :wink:

I got one. Schweet.

no more brown pls

In for one.

It’s not for me, but I bought one for a friend. I wish woot had more threadless-like shirts, though.

I was debating withmyself whether or not I should get the creative process shirt, as I knew it would get 1st place. Holy crap. Good night woot. Grats first place though.

It just wouldn’t be a Jack print if woot didn’t go screwy when it went up for sale. Congrats!