Survivor 10-in-1 LED Flashlight with AM/FM/Weather Band Radio

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Survivor 10-in-1 LED Flashlight with AM/FM/Weather Band Radio
$4.99 + $5 shipping
condition: MacGuyveresque
product(s): 1 Survivor 10 in 1 Solar and Crank Powered LED Flashlight with AM/FM/Weather Band Radio

In for 3 :slight_smile:

$15 and free shipping at

(I hate

Dynamo Power Charging ='s the hand crank type ?

Great deal in for 3

But you know Woot is owned by the same people, right?

good for those emergency auto repair/first aid kits that every car should have.

In for 3.

I expect this one to sell out before morning.

At least it is yellow so you can find it when the crap hits the fan.

nabbed… caught me watching a comet killing earth apocalyptic show…

they must have known…

In for 3. One for the wife’s car, one for mine and one for the garage in case of emergency.

What the heck… In for three. Seems worth it just for the solar cells :slight_smile:

-Martin <><

Yep, in for 3 too.

condition: MacGuyveresque ? Does this mean old ?

Also does anyone know if this is waterproof, Or can it float ?

Grabbed mine already been having power outtages recently. Pain going outside to the generator to turn on a radio.

While this is way off topic, that’s definitely not true. However, we’ve been known to do some order fulfillment for them (and vice versa).

You can find more information here:

Found some not-so-pleasant info on it:

Hmmm, tempted

yeah, those cell phone plugs won’t fit my Razor phone, but will fit my bluetooth. That’s the deal breaker for me, almost in for 3 otherwise.
Probably better to just buy one higher quality version based on comments about the quality. Great price tho.

Well I am in for six under my two accounts. I mean, come on, that’s $40 for six of these.

Back a few years ago I was paying $50 for just one. Here in San Francisco the power goes out and there’s always the earthquakes. So these hand-powered radios are a no brainer.

Plus like others, good to have in the car trunk.

And I am gonna give three away, to friends who don’t know how to prepare for emergencies.

These are obviously low quality, but seem a nice toss in the trunk and forget it kind of thing. I have better quality ones [e.g., a Philips] for non-emergency use. These things probably might stand a few cranks before the handle snaps. LOL. But why put a $50 radio in the car trunk. This thing has “use once and toss” written all over it.

$40 shipped for six radios with [LED?] light, unbelievable.

Sidenote: if those cell phone charger thingies work, that will be a bonus. My BlackBerry charges with a USB port. Don’t know if that kind of adapter is included in the batch.

i like the thermometer

but as for the rest
-i own a zune
-i own a 4D cell mag light w/ halagen bulb upgrade, 2 mini mags and a solitar mag
-solar takes forever to do anything useful on anything other than elementary school science projects
-my wrist is broken so cranking is out of the question
-to cheap to buy batteries
-but the color is easy to find as long as you have another flash light to find it :slight_smile: