Surya Random Striped Wool Rugs (2 Sizes)

I have one of these, gotten here probably a year ago, but not put down until recently. In any case, I put it down and tried to vacuum it,‘tried’ being the operative word. This puppy shed like crazy and literally clogged my Shark vacuum before I’d finished. And even then, there are fuzzballs everywhere. Even though it was relatively inexpensive for a wool rug, not worth it, especially since you don’t get to choose your color. Walk on by, peeps. Too little choice, way too much fuzz.

Any idea what the backing is made of? Wool is good, but what’s underneath? Thanks!

The back is a heavy fabric (I’m too lazy to go upstairs to look at mine in order to give you a better description). I have not had any problems with this rug shedding or balling up. Mine has held up very well under abuse by my dogs and vacuum cleaner. Rug is thick and heavy. I’m thinking about getting another one.

I’ve had the 5x8 rug for a few years. It looks similar to the rug in the last pic. I’ve had no problems vacuuming it or cleaning up spills. It’s heavy duty and pretty thick. I’d definitely buy another one if I had a place to put it.

I have an 8x10 stripped. It’s in the bedroom. I think it is pretty attractive but the wife is not yet convinced. Yes, some wool bunnies but my vacuum cleaned them up no prob. Satisfied w/ my purchase

We have both the smaller and larger of these rugs. The smaller one is wonderful and couldn’t be happier. The larger one however was a disappointment out the gate. It’s thinner than the small rug and sheds like a dog blowing it’s winter coat. We have a Dyson that we also got from woot and we have to empty out the bin twice when we vacuum it. Also there are dozens of hard bumps all over the rug. It’s almost like hardened glue or something, I’m not sure but it makes the rug extremely uncomfortable to walk on.

Love the smaller rug HATE the large one.

I have an 8x10’ and pretty happy with it… I do not use the heavy vacuum’s regular big power brush on it, I read somewhere that that would be bad. Instead I use the attachment with the little power brush. Takes more time to vacuum, but it’s fine with me. Also, if putting it on a hard surface, you should put down a pad underneath so you don’t have that localized stretching which can shorten it’s life. Also it makes it a TON more comfortable.