Surya Random Striped Wool Rugs (2 Sizes)

Was fairly interested, until I realized the color will be selected at random.

If you pull the trigger, know that you may get any of the colors shown.

This is a good point. If you’re on the fence, you might want to order with a friend; this way you can trade.

If this is one of your previous woots, could you please post some pics of the rugs you received? This could be helpful to potential wooters as they can see the colors a little better.


UPDATE FROM THE BUYER: Part of the screw up here was that all of the rugs were produced under the same UPC code. Even the vendor doesn’t know exactly what they have. This is why the sale is random.

WTF ! Are you kidding ? You want us to spend $170 on a rug and WE can’t choose the color ? That’s fucked up.

I was going to buy two of them. How the hell can you expect people to spend that kind of money to add something to their carefully designed home in a color of YOUR choosing ?

What is THE BIG DEAL with ALLOWING the purchaser to choose the color ?
Is it that difficult, or is there only ONE RUG of the “good” color and no one wants the others so you’re going to dump them on us ?

Let’s learn all about care and cleaning

Time to learn more about surya

For those who order and get something they don’t like… come back here and post it. There may be others on here that are willing to trade with you.

Forget the rugs, I like the pillow!

Here’s a link to it:

I sell Surya rugs and they are not that expensive so pass and get the color you want or buy elsewhere. This is far to costly for a random color choice.

Wow, the home.wooters are angry. I’m going back to sellout.woot where it’s safe.

So I replaced my bedroom rug, which had seen far, far better days, with the 8’x11’ Surya. Being a guy with no worries about matching duvet or curtains to the rug, but who doesn’t want to spend tons of money replacing a rug the sale was designed for me.

It feels great underfoot – there are a few areas where the plastic “frame” or whatever can be felt, but not seen unless you stick your face on the rug – and hey, inexpensive and shipped to my doorstep.

Anyway, I got fairly muted colors, so any potential crises were averted:

I can’t imagine any rugs are striped the other direction, if that helps at all.

Yeah, even ignoring the lack of ‘price it so it is enticing’ here… you don’t even really get a substantial break for not knowing what you are getting. I mean, this isn’t a $10 random t-shirt we are talking about here…
:::walks away, shaking his head:::

I bought three of these during the last woot-off. Yes, they were “random” colored, but they were all striped and they were all fairly neutral colors. As it turned out, for my home, there was a palce for each one where it just seemed to “fit.” The quality seems nice, they’re good and thick and fuzzy, and (for better or for worse) the kitties love them.

I’d post pictures, but I don’t have a hosting service. One’s many shades of red and looks wonderful on my dark hardwood floor out front, the other is a grey/red/blue blend, and the third is a blue/grey/green blend. The latter two fit wonderfully on the lighter hardwood in other rooms.

I recommend them, despite the random color. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Also, one note: if you’ve ever bought a Neato or other robotic vacuum, here or elsewhere, they seem to have a bit of trouble navigating up and down the rug edges. And they fill up FAST with the loose wool pieces.

I’m so whimsical! I just bought a rug that I don’t even know, nor care to know, what color it is. I’ll just make it work. Not!

Get Dropbox, use the Photos folder. Free.

Buy three; after all, there’s only a 1/64 chance that they all turn out to be the same color!

Would you sort them for free? More labor means more cost.

I took a huge leap of faith and ordered the large rug for our living room during the woot-off. I had been actively searching for a new rug, but was finding that big rugs are expensive-I didn’t want to spend that much on a rug while our children are still young. Plus, I figured we could live with about about anything for a few years since the colors in the room are neutral. We received a rug similar to the one in the other post (maybe a little lighter color pallette-I wish I could figure out how to post photos here), and we love it! The rug feels great, looks great, and I’m 100% happy with this purchase. That said, this purchase was nerve-wracking! I couldn’t bring myself to tell the hubs that I didn’t know what the rug would look like before it arrived (he never asked). Thankfully, we lucked out, but I’m not sure I’d have the cajones do it again.
If someone can tell me how to post photos on here in language I can understand I’d appreciate it and would gladly post a few pics of our rug. The formatting guide provided is way over my head. :slight_smile:

So, I suppose I’m OK with the random as long as it’s one of the four pictured. BUT, I notice it says, “you may get one of these colors or you may not”. Does this mean you may get a color that’s not even pictured?
I’m OK with any of the rugs featured, but am concerned the “warning” seems to imply that you may end up with “none of the above”.
Can anyone clarify?

Mine (pictured above) isn’t quite the same as any of the pictured ones, but it has elements of several. My I-don’t-work-for-them guess is that the four pictured represent virtually all the colors possible in the rugs.

They all seem to be rooted in neutral earthy tones. I mean, you aren’t going to get a circus-colored rug from this deal.