Surya Rugs: 40% To 80% Off

Is this a good deal? I’m just not sure with rugs anymore. You find a nice one at an estate sale for a good price and then find a similar one later at an insane price. I’ve been trying to stay under $100 for a decent rug…

Do these rugs have the rubber backing?

Which one are you asking about?

I was looking at this one Surya Paramount - Charcoal (3 Sizes). And this one Surya Paramount - Southwest

I’m checking on that with our buyers. Not even the Surya website lists that detail.

I have the “Basilica - Taupe” and, while it is very pretty, I HATE IT. Because it sheds worse than a long haired cat. I have to vacuum the house a couple times a day to get the fur bunnies that come out of this thing.

Dang! They went off sale before I got my answer. Oh well.