Sushi at Home Kit for 4


[imgleft][/imgleft] Sushi at Home Kit for 4 - Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Item qty: 4510, Last Order: 11:34 PM CST, Wooter to blame: jodfoster
Order Pace: 0m 18.816s, Woot Wage: $1,911.38/hour.


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Sushi’s ok…10 buck woots are the best


WOOT - Yeah… just woot… you got a problem with that??

o/If you knew Sushi, like I knew Sushi o/

Sushi at Home Kit for 4 $9.99 + $5 shipping

Best Price on Froogle - $24 + Shipping!

Amazon has it for $24.90 too. - Reviews Link

Is this a refurb? I noticed it had rice mold [;)]


Perfect Woot and cheap too - Hmmmm smells like WOOT!


i love sushi!! im in!

Cheapest on the internet- $23.99

prices range anywhere from $24-$39… definately another true w00t deal!!


sushi is awesome but i think you have to be good at making it before this does you any good


wow, this is wootastic. thanks woot! this will make the perfect christmas gift! murdaville posse


wow … if this is still up in the morning … ill buy it : ]


Because at the end of a long day, all I want is a batch of sushi.


What an unexpected w00t! I might just order one hehe. My mom loves making sushi.


Helllllo christmas gift.


No fish…that would test your shipping speed


Raw fish… I think I’ll pass… that would send me to the hospital looking like a blow fish… :wink:


lol not all sushi is raw. nice buy i guess if you need some xmas gifts…im in. again.


Is this gonna make me into an IRON CHEF?

Then I’m in for one.


Smells fishy to me.


I like Sushi but not with my WOOT! g’night


I think i’ll go get my own, theres like 10 or so good places in the area.


Okay, I know I defended the Ironing board, but this is the worst woot ever. You could get this stuff in your local japanese neightborhood for less than $15.